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5 Features of Heat Service in Vancouver

Spring may be around the corner, but temperatures in Vancouver, WA, remain consistently low. Thus, it’s essential to assess and maintain your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system to ensure it continues to run efficiently during these cold, wet months.

Common issues, such as leaky ducts, a faulty thermostat, or a malfunctioning heater appliance (gas furnace, wall heater, or heat pump), can lead to even bigger problems: uneven rates of heating, physical discomfort, and rising energy bills. That’s when you’ll need to call in a professional to inspect, clean, repair, or replace.

Local HVAC companies, such as Entek, can provide a variety of services in treating heating-related issues, whether those issues require cleaning or inspection or outright replacement. And if you’re located in Vancouver, it’s important to know what types of services are available to you. Here are five features of heat service you can expect from a professional HVAC company in the Vancouver area.

1. Duct Cleaning

Do temperatures differ from room to room? Are wall or floor vents not blowing any warm air while your HVAC system is running? Then the cause may be located in your HVAC ductwork.

Most heating issues start with dirty air filters in need of replacement. But if the problem persists even after switching your air filter, then there could be a physical obstruction clogging your ducts.

Clogged ducts can be hazardous for your health. Besides obstructing warm airflow, clogs can also reduce the air quality in your home, leading to other health risks, such as mold caused by trapped moisture. That’s why it’s important to hire a certified professional service that follows EPA guidelines for cleaning and removing any obstructions in your HVAC system.

Having your HVAC ducts cleaned twice yearly—each spring and fall—can help prevent a build-up of dirt, debris, and other allergens. Regularly maintaining your HVAC ducts can extend the life of your HVAC system and can also reduce utility bills by 20 to 40 percent!

2. Duct Sealing

Clogged ducts may not be the only problem preventing your HVAC system from running efficiently. Holes, degraded seals, or separated ducts also cause air leaks.

Leaky ducts can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system by 20 to 45 percent, preventing your home or office from being sufficiently warm during cold weather and impacting air quality. Like clogs, leaky ducts also cause your energy bills to spike as your HVAC system degrades, leading to an eventual costly replacement.

So another important feature of heat service is duct sealing. Duct cleaning and sealing go hand in hand during routine inspection and maintenance of your HVAC system. While leaks, like clogs, can often be detected on your own, a thorough inspection of your entire ductwork system is necessary to diagnose other hidden issues affecting your HVAC’s heating service.

When altering or repairing ductwork in your HVAC system, a professional service is the safest and most efficient solution, versus a DIY approach. Many HVAC companies use advanced residential and commercial applications, such as Aeroseal, a leading sealing process. If applied by a certified technician, Aeroseal is noninvasive and fast-acting. Applications like Aeroseal can reduce your yearly energy bill by up to $850.

3. Thermostat Installation and Repair


Outdated analog thermostats can be a hassle to use, especially if you’re trying to conserve energy and keep your utility bills low. Why not call for an upgrade?

Professional HVAC companies don’t limit their services to ductwork alone. Another important feature of heat service in Vancouver is diagnosing issues with your thermostat or upgrading your current one.

Programmable digital thermostats are the best way to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. These thermostats can be quickly installed, and your HVAC contractor will train you to use them. Many digital thermostats also provide Wi-Fi connections and can be remotely controlled to turn on or off when you’re outside the building.

However, digital thermostats aren’t invincible. Consult your HVAC contractor if you encounter a software malfunction or electrical problem, and they’ll send a technician your way.

4. HVAC Installation and Heater Appliance Repair

If compromised ducts or thermostats aren’t preventing your rooms from warming, then your appliances may be the culprits. The solution may be simple, such as moving furniture away from your wall heater or relighting your furnace’s pilot light. But if the cause is faulty or dangerous electrical wiring, a leaky heat pump, or a broken reversing valve, then you’ll have to contact a professional technician to repair your appliances.
These solutions can be particularly stressful and costly during the wintertime, making early prevention and routine inspections essential for maintaining the integrity of your HVAC system. If the real issue is your HVAC system itself, then a professional HVAC service can safely and expertly upgrade your system for long-term energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Despite the cold, HVAC system repairs, upgrades, and installation are guaranteed by any HVAC professional service in the Vancouver area.

5. Maintenance Programs

Experts recommend having your system serviced at least twice a year, whether you’re looking to be a more proactive and responsible consumer or if you’re encountering sudden issues with your HVAC system. Some inspection can be done on your own, such as checking appliances or your HVAC ductwork. But if you’re facing any of the issues described above, it’s best to let a professional HVAC service take care of the problem.

Most HVAC companies provide free consultations and estimates of service—but you’ll likely want to take things a step further by enrolling in a maintenance program. Maintenance programs are contracts that guarantee annual or biannual inspections, maintenance, and repair of your HVAC system. By regularly maintaining your HVAC system, you can avoid problems that are more costly than a high utility bill. You can even prevent physical health risks or a total replacement of an otherwise degraded HVAC system.

Choosing a Professional Service

Selecting a professional heat service contractor in the Vancouver area may be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Local professionally certified companies, such as Entek, can provide all of the abovementioned services. Choosing a highly qualified and time-tested company is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way of maintaining your HVAC system during the coldest, wettest months of the year. Why wait for your heating problems to pile up? Contact a local HVAC professional now.

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