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5 Huge Mistakes an HVAC Contractor Can Make


There are numerous positive things a heating and cooling company can do for you, but sometimes it is important to remind consumers that the major mistakes often made are what separate a quality HVAC company from those who should probably not be in the business.  The internet is filled with terrible contractor stories, which should serve as a reminder to customers to check simple things, like an Angie’s List recommendation and a Better Business Bureau rating – this can make that one phone call to a heating and cooling company the difference between assured quality work and disaster.


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The extensive list of HVAC aspects (quality of service, quality of work, fair pricing, expertise of opinion and recommendation, and honesty, to name a few) goes far beyond a small list, but believe us, these 5 blunders and shady service practices are well worth explaining (thanks to Energy Vanguard for a few of these topics).


  • Underestimating the Importance of Safety

This major problem is, sadly, not uncommon.  There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of both clients and technicians, which is why the bonafides of the heating and cooling company you choose should be checked thoroughly.  Look for trusted safety organizations which give their approval to a particular heating and cooling company.

A quality HVAC company will check for airflow, combustion safety, and depressurization on their calls, among other safety checks, to guarantee the safety of the clients and their homes.


  • Fixing the Box and Not Going With the Flow

Many heating and cooling technicians focus squarely on the HVAC unit itself without bothering with the ductwork throughout the home.  Checking the pressure, flow rate, possible blockage, cleanliness, and quality of air being pushed through those ducts is of paramount importance.  Any loss of warm air can cause high energy bills, blockage can cause a loss of heat, or worse, fire, and the importance of the quality of air your family is breathing goes without saying.


  • One Size Fits All

Some people, even supposed professionals, can fall into a pattern wherein they go through the motions to accomplish a task, particularly when those tasks seem identical and repetitive.  The problem here is that not only is every situation unique in some way to a heating and cooling technician, but also that much has changed in housing construction.

Using the same old standard for every home ignores the big differences that can be found in construction – homes are “tighter” than they once were, the walls more compact, therefore measuring and calculating for heating and cooling effectiveness in a home that is 80 years old compared to one that is 8 years old can be vastly different.


  • Forgetting that “V” is for “Ventilation”

Despite often referring to HVAC companies as “Heating and Cooling” companies, the “Ventilation” in the acronym is vital.  As mentioned in #2, air quality is of supreme importance, and as mentioned in #3, newer homes are built “tighter,” with narrower walls, among other differences.  Often, mechanical ventilation is needed, and a heating and cooling technician who does pay attention to such issues is playing fast and loose with the health of a family’s home.


  • Exploiting a Client’s Situation

This is a concern among many people, and it is not completely unjustified.  From car mechanics to attorneys, many are skeptical that their problem will be exploited for the gain of the professional, adding things you don’t need, charging for services not done, etcetera.

Here’s the good news: Entek HVAC of Longview, Wa is a longstanding member of the community and thrives on its reputation. They have many prestigious awards from the most reputable organization, including Angie’s List and the BBB.  People who are in need of heating, ventilation, and cooling services are never viewed as sources of money, but as fellow members of the community who have a serious problem and need fast action, diagnosis, and fast repair, all at a fair price.  They simply would never risk their decades-long reputation by doing anything less.


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