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5 Reasons to Have an HVAC Checkup Every Spring in Vancouver WA

Your HVAC unit is the reason why your home stays at the temperatures it needs to be all year long. In the winter, it heats your home and provides an escape from the cold outside, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. In the summertime, your home is the perfect retreat from the blazing hot sun. When it’s well taken care of, your unit thrives and acts as a positive enforcer in your home. The best way to take good care of your HVAC? Get it checked yearly.

Keeping your HVAC on a yearly maintenance schedule is a great way to take care of it but knowing the best time to get that maintenance performed is tricky. Our professional team over here at Entek suggests that HVAC systems in Vancouver, Washington, should be checked out every spring. Spring provides a perfect in-between time outside of harsher weather to address any issues or prevent breakdowns from occurring.

Having these types of checkups during the spring can come with many benefits. Doing so can increase the life span of the unit while also protecting your family from suffering bad air quality in the home. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do this maintenance on your own. Entek is able to provide this service to people in the Vancouver area.

Here are a few more reasons why spring is the best time to have your HVAC checkup.


1. Avoid Possible Unit Malfunctions

No one likes it when their HVAC malfunctions, especially during the hottest or coldest months of the year. Those are the times when your system is working its hardest, but it’s also when you rely on it the most, and if your system breaks down during those months, you may be without it for a time.

Getting everything checked in the spring provides the perfect time for your system to take a break should it need to be repaired. The weather will be more forgiving, and your home temperature won’t suffer as much during the repairs.

A springtime yearly checkup will also decrease the possibility of having your system break down at all. Scheduled yearly maintenance by professionals is a good way to spot a small problem before it becomes any bigger. A portion of the money you’d spend on large repairs can take care of your maintenance while also making your unit more reliable.

2. It Can Lower Your Utility Bills

No one wants to spend more money than they need to, but that often becomes the case for people who don’t have their HVAC maintained regularly. A well-maintained HVAC unit has the ability to significantly lower your utility bills. Yearly maintenance will work wonders on your unit, resulting in less time being overworked. In terms of energy consumption, a well-maintained furnace can vary greatly from a neglected unit: from 10 to 25 percent. That difference can be costing you hundreds a year in extra utility bills. Have your unit checkup in the spring to keep your utility costs as low as possible.

3. Extend the Life Span of Your Unit

When you’re first choosing your unit, you’re likely thinking about how nice it would be if your system works at its highest capacity for as long as possible and whether you can do anything to make a difference. This is where annual maintenance comes in.

Though you can buy a strong system, it can begin to overwork itself. A leaky duct system, dirty filter, or mold buildup are just a few things that could be causing your HVAC unit to work harder than it should need to. Not surprisingly, this can significantly decrease the life span of your system. Having your unit checked in the springtime can help you to keep each component of your unit in the best shape possible, giving it a greater chance of working well for longer and protecting your investment.

4. Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Spring is arguably the most popular time for people to start showing allergy symptoms. The pollen in the air outdoors might have you staying indoors a lot more often, but that won’t be helpful if the air quality in your home is bad too. Having your HVAC checked out in the spring can help to ensure your home is free from any buildup that would give your family allergy symptoms and improve air quality.

You may think you only need to change the filter of your HVAC unit to have a healthy quality of air in your home, but sometimes it takes more than that. When left unchecked for too long, your HVAC system could start developing buildup around the coils, and that can make its way into the ductwork. If that happens, the dust and mold will contaminate your air each time the system runs and restrict proper air flow.

Having your system checked out will allow professionals to inspect areas that you can’t easily access to see if there’s any buildup of mold, debris, or dust. Spring is the perfect time for this to happen, as the higher temperatures in the summer will create an ideal environment for mold to thrive.

5. Beat the Rush

Spring is also the perfect time to have your HVAC checkup in Vancouver, Washington, because you can beat the rush. Most unit malfunctions happen in the winter and summer when the weather is at its most intense and HVAC units are working their hardest. Because of this, maintenance calls increase significantly, as people don’t want to be left with a freezing-cold or boiling-hot home. As more people schedule their checkups, it may become harder for you to get your unit serviced at a time that works for you. Instead, schedule your HVAC maintenance in the spring to make sure it’s working well all year.

If you’re looking to start your HVAC unit on a yearly spring maintenance schedule, Entek can make it easy for you. We provide a Planned Maintenance Program to offer customers more peace of mind when it comes to their units. With this program, our service department of NATE-certified technicians will keep track of your equipment, warranty, and maintenance schedule and send you reminders when it’s time for a checkup. Contact Entek today to have your HVAC serviced in the Vancouver, Washington, area.

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