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5 Advantages of an Energy-Efficient Heat Pump

Interested in making changes to your home’s heating system? Looking to update to a more energy-efficient solution? Now that there are so many different choices of heating systems, it’s hard to know which to go with. An increasingly popular, highly recommended choice is to switch to a heat pump. Heat pump systems work by moving the heat in the air outside and into your home. It’s a common option in the Pacific Northwest, as it works especially well for moderate temperatures. Wondering if it’s right for your household? Read on to find out five reasons why you should consider switching to an energy-efficient heat pump.

1. Saves Money

To start, energy-efficient heat pumps will save you money. Heating and cooling charges have a huge impact on your energy costs. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, they make up half of the average household’s bill. That’s why many people are turning to more energy-efficient options.

Heat pumps are typically the least expensive heating system to run, with operating costs much lower than gas furnaces and oil boilers. With gas heating, for instance, the cost of propane can really add up. Though heat pumps also use electricity, they use far less than other electric heating options, such as baseboards and space heaters. By using less electricity, heat pumps have been shown to be three times more efficient. Because they require less energy, your bill will go down significantly. And the more energy-efficient your heat pump is, the more you’ll save from year to year. Exactly how much you save, however, will depend on a number of different factors.


Up-Front Cost Pays Off

Some people are initially hesitant to switch to heat pumps because the up-front cost is higher. This can mean both the system itself and the price of installation, though installation costs can vary. However, this system is ultimately a smart investment. The amount it will save you over time will more than make up for that initial price.

Does Two Jobs for the Price of One

It’s also two systems in one—despite the name, heat pumps can also be used for cooling. When you make sure it has a reversing valve, the system will be able to just reverse its process in the warmer months, moving the warm air inside your home outside. Therefore, you can cut the costs of having two different systems installed, repaired, inspected, and so forth.

Humidifier Unnecessary

Another way energy-efficient heating systems save money is that you may not need a humidifier. Forced-air furnaces can cause the air in homes to feel much drier. So people use humidifiers to correct that. But with the way heat pumps work, the air isn’t as dry, so this may not be necessary. And, on the opposite side, heat pumps also dehumidify the air. Overall, it’s a great improvement in how comfortable the air in your home will be.

2. Increases Home Value

Energy-efficient heat pumps have been shown to lead to an increase in the value of homes. This is a heating system choice that will continue to really pay off for years to come. If you’re considering selling your home, even if you don’t plan to for some time, installing a heat pump now will have an impact on the resale value later. Many potential homebuyers will consider energy-efficient touches to be a major selling point.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Heat pumps lead to a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions. This is an advantage that serves both you and the environment as a whole. If you’ve ever wondered how to reduce your carbon footprint, switching to a heat pump is one way. Traditional heating and cooling systems run on fossil fuels, which then emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. But heat pumps don’t burn any fossil fuels. This is another major reason more and more households turn to energy-efficient solutions like heat pumps.

4. Longer-Lasting

Heat pumps will last longer than some other more traditional options. If you’re replacing your heating system now, you don’t want to have to do so again in just a few years. Energy-efficient heat pumps have been shown to last longer than other traditional heating systems. In general, the average heat pump lasts about 15 years. But in some cases, they can last for decades, even as much as 50 years. No matter how long your heat pump lasts, the longer life span means you can be sure that it will continue to be steadily efficient and reliable for a long time.

This is, of course, yet another way energy-efficient heat pumps can save you money. By working at peak efficiency for a longer time, they require fewer repairs. And you won’t have to spend a lot on a new unit and new installation for a while.

5. Safer and Healthier

Finally, another advantage is that energy-efficient heat pumps are a much safer option. With traditional gas furnaces, there’s always the risk and worry of a gas leak.

Going hand in hand with the safety advantages is that heat pumps are also a much healthier choice overall. You will notice an improvement in your air quality. That’s especially beneficial for anyone in your household who suffers from allergies. Also, heat pumps are much quieter than most other heating systems. If you’ve ever been annoyed or distracted by the noises of your furnace, this switch will make you more at ease.

To work at optimal levels, energy-efficient heat pumps must be installed correctly. That’s where we come in. For the best installations, repairs, services, inspections, and more, you can count on the team here at Entek. To make sure your heat pump system stays working as effectively as possible, you should have our professionals do an inspection of the unit at least once a year. We also have a number to call for emergency services at any time of the day or night. The longest-serving Carrier dealer in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve provided top-rated service for over 70 years. You can find out more information on Entek by visiting our website.

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