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Aeroseal Installers Can Save You Energy Costs

Aeroseal Installer Vancouver, WA

Residential and commercial customers rely heavily on their HVAC systems for indoor comfort throughout the year. Because of their heavy usage, it is always important to make sure your system is preforming at optimal efficiency or face the potential of high energy costs and repair problems. One of the main issues that depletes the efficiency of an HVAC duct system is poor sealing. Holes and cracks can appear in ducts over time, causing heating and cooling leaks that cost you money and time to heat/cool your home. The best way to handle these leaks is to seal them the most effective way possible. In the past, HVAC professionals would use tapes. However, with modern innovations, we now have a far more effective way of sealing leaks and improving energy usage in your home or place of business. Aeroseal technologies provide the best sealing capability in the industry, sealing leaks and holes from the inside of your ductwork. By having Aeroseal installed in your home by a professional Aeroseal installer, you can experience the energy savings today.

The 2009 EPA reports stated that leaks and holes in your ducts could reduce efficiency by 20%. A decrease in efficiency means higher heating and cooling costs and a larger environmental footprint. Entek offers Aeroseal installation for both residential and commercial customers because it is the only product that can seal a duct from the inside. By doing so, Aeroseal effectively seals leaks and holes more efficiently than any other method and can maintain those fixes for the life of the HVAC system. Aeroseal seals ducts up to 95% providing a significant increase in efficiency and energy, between $600 and $850 per year on energy bills and repair services when compared to other sealing options.

But how does the technology work? During installation, an Aeroseal installer introduces Aeroseal’s airborne adhesive particles into an HVAC duct system. The revolutionary technology takes only a few hours to be completed and causes minimal disruption of occupants during installation. The Aeroseal installer first blocks the fans, grills and furnaces to ensure that the adhesive only seals cracks, holes, and leaks. After the Aeroseal particles are introduced by pressurizing the duct system, the particles then remain suspended in the system until they encounter a crack, leak, or hole, after which they attach to each other and seal the duct system.

The introduction of Aeroseal technologies has become the most reliable sealing option available on the market. Though Aeroseal is a phenomenal product, it is incredibly important that it is installed within your ductwork by a professional, certified Aeroseal installer. Placing your installation in the hands of an uncertified Aeroseal installer will result in poor quality service and can cost you money in repairs and potential damage. Entek is trained, certified, and licensed to install this new technology in duct sealing. While preforming an install, an Entek Aeroseal installer uses specialized software that allows customers to see inside the ducts and the sealing process, and the technician to monitor in real time. Not only will our Entek Aeroseal installers provide top quality service, but we will also redo any work at no extra cost should the first attempt fail to meet our standards.

Having Aeroseal technologies installed by professional Entek Aeroseal installers is a significant way to improve and maintain the efficiency of your HVAC duct system.  By having those cracks and holes sealed in your ductwork, you will experience a significant boost in both your energy savings and your system’s heating and cooling capabilities. Entek offers only the best in Aeroseal technologies and certified Aeroseal installers in Vancouver, WA.