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The Benefits of Choosing a Certified HVAC Company

If you are planning to have a new heating or cooling system installed in your home, you have probably already been researching which contractors are the best in your area. You will of course be looking for a reliable choice with solid references that is reasonably priced; but what you should also be looking for is HVAC Certification. While not all HVAC Contractors in Portland are actually certified, there are too many benefits to choosing a certified company to ignore. Before we explain those benefits, however, let’s explain exactly what having an HVAC Certification means.

The Benefits of Choosing a Certified HVAC CompanyWhat is HVAC?
HVAC simply stands for heating, air conditioning and ventilation. A company that installs heating systems and air conditioning will most likely provide a number of other services as well. They may install furnaces, commercial refrigeration, hydronics oil or hydronics gas, heat pumps, or any number of other features. Anything meant to improve indoor comfort through environmental control is probably the domain of an HVAC company. They do work inside of homes, as well as businesses, and in vehicles as well. They will also provide repairs when necessary, including emergency repairs if something breaks down at an inconvenient time. If you need an HVAC Contractor, you should try to make sure they are certified.

What is HVAC Certification?
There are many companies in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation business and certifications simply exist to standardize the services they provide. This is beneficial to the consumer since it will help you ensure that, whichever company you choose, they are being held to certain standards. Certifications are recognized by most organizations but vary from state to state. In Oregon, HVAC Certifications are offered through technical schools and community colleges. To become certified, a potential student will have to choose one of the seven schools that offer official training. Once they have done so, they will go through a program that includes both classroom learning and an apprenticeship to develop the necessary skills to install and repair heating and ventilation systems. Beyond the simple certification, there are other certifications an HVAC contractor can earn as well. An HVAC Excellence certification can be issued to someone working at the master level; a NATE Certification (for North American Technical Excellence organization) shows that they have been approved by the largest certification body in the country. Choosing an HVAC contractor who is certified over someone who is not has a wide variety of benefits.

The benefits of choosing an HVAC certified business
Choosing a contractor who has been certified by one of the organizations we’ve mentioned above is always the best choice. When you’re looking for someone to install or repair your heating or air conditioning, you do not simply want to go with the lowest priced option. After all, this system will be in your home or business for years, and a poorly installed system can lead to costly repairs, not to mention leaving you freezing cold during the winter or sweating during the summer. Choosing a contractor who is certified helps to ensure that your heating or cooling system is being repaired by someone who has already been through rigorous training to ensure they have the necessary skills to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape.

A certified business will help to prevent common problems
Many heating and cooling systems suffer from simple problems, especially if they are outdated or have been poorly installed. While these problems may be simple, they can lead to huge issues down the road; they should be taken care of as quickly as possible in order to ensure that this does not happen. For example, a poorly installed ventilation system can cause unhealthy air to circulate, increasing the risk of getting you, your family, or your employees sick. Moisture accumulating in the wrong places can also encourage the growth of mold or algae, which can also lead to health problems for the people inhabiting a building or vehicle.

An old or improperly installed system can also be noisy; this can be inconvenient at first but eventually begin preventing sleep in the home and lead to health problems of its own. A bad HVAC system can also break down at inconvenient times, leading to extremely expensive emergency repairs depending upon the time of year. For example, if your heating system breaks during the dead of winter, you may find that the demand for HVAC contractors to repair it is through the roof; you’ll be left on a long waiting list and eventually have to pay through the nose in order to keep your family or employees from freezing in the cold weather. Besides all of this, an unreliable HVAC system is extremely inefficient in its use of energy. This will drive up your utility bills and leave you spending much more money than you need to. While the advent of modern technology has given us a lot of high-efficiency furnaces and very energy efficient AC systems, you will not reap any of the benefits of these if they are not installed properly. That’s why finding a certified HVAC contractor is so important.

The environmental benefits
Modern HVAC systems are designed to be environmentally friendly; another issue with having a poorly installed system is that it will increase your environmental impact. Many homes and businesses are working to go “green” these days; in order to do this you will have to make sure that your heating and cooling system use energy as effectively as possible. Of course, this will also provide benefits for you in the form of reduced energy bills in your home and business.

So how do I find a certified HVAC contractor?
In order to find a contractor who has been certified, you will have to do your research. Use the internet to search for certified HVAC companies in your area; make sure that they are being held to the standards of your state. In Portland, a great HVAC certified company is Entek, who have provided the Pacific Northwest with quality heating and cooling systems for over 70 years. Learn more about our heating and cooling services here.

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