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Beware Calls for Duct Cleaning & Other HVAC Services

It’s come to our attention this week that an unscrupulous company is sending out “robo-calls” impersonating our business. An individual in Camas, WA, informed us that over the last few months he was receiving many calls from a duct cleaning company named Entek offering a great deal on the service.

Beware Calls for Duct Cleaning & Other HVAC Services

First, we want to clarify that as a reputable HVAC company, you will never receive a call from us. We will not call you to offer our services. We’re simply here when you need us and to remind our maintenance customers when it is time to service their HVAC system.

More importantly, these scam companies are primarily targeting seniors and offering to-great-to-be-true deals. Then, after completing the work, are charging upwards of $1700 to the surprise of the customer.

While we’ve only directly heard from one person, this is not a siloed situation. Just yesterday, KGW posted an article about a woman who was offered $39 duct cleaning and $99 furnace servicing. She was then charged $1250 after one hour of work.

We’re devastated to know that our neighbors are getting scammed and we want to do everything we can to mitigate this issue and spread the word to inform and protect our customers and our community.

If you are looking for HVAC services, it is imperative to do your homework to ensure you are hiring a reputable company. If you receive a robo-call offering duct cleaning services, please contact us. And if you have any questions about this issue or would like a professional quote on HVAC services, including duct cleaning or sealing, please reach out to us today.

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