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When to Call in a Professional Commercial HVAC Service

Studies show that fewer than half of companies perform regular preventative maintenance on their HVAC systems, even though doing so can cut HVAC energy costs while extending equipment life, improving occupant comfort, and increasing uptime.

If you could reduce your energy costs by as much as 40 percent, would you do it?

If your monthly utility bill was suddenly cut by 40 percent, would you welcome the additional money into your budget?

Rhetorical questions, we know. But it does give you something to think about. Are you doing all you can to keep your utility bills as low as possible? Is your commercial HVAC service doing all it can to help you maintain your costs?

When to Call in a Professional Commercial HVAC Service

If not, is there a better way?

Let’s return to the thought that less than half of all commercial buildings perform regular maintenance on their HVAC systems. That means they are in reaction mode instead.

If a building manager walks into a cold building in the middle of winter, they move into crisis mode and call in the first HVAC company they can find.

If a building manager walks into a hot building in the middle of summer, they panic and find an HVAC company that can respond quickly.

Dealing with emergencies becomes second nature to these property managers. They don’t know any other way. And they’re paying very dearly for their behavior.

-They may be calling in less than reputable contractors to handle the job
-They may be paying higher fees for lower quality work
-They may be replacing items that could have been repaired if caught earlier
-They may be wasting time worrying about things that could have been solved in a much easier manner

Commercial locations are different than residential. From retail locations to office buildings, from medical facilities to data warehouse locations, keeping a commercial location well conditioned and well ventilated is just good business. That means finding a professional commercial HVAC service you can rely on will give you an added boost in what you offer your tenants, occupants, and clients.

To get the most value from your commercial HVAC service vendor, you need a company that acts as your business partner. And like a good business partner, they’ll focus on saving you time and money, giving you an opportunity to make better business decisions.

Regular Maintenance Gives You Well-Informed Account Managers
When you hire a commercial HVAC service company for regular maintenance, you’re hiring an account manager to ensure your HVAC application runs smoothly every day of the year. It becomes their job to ensure your HVAC system is well maintained and operating smoothly, no matter what the weather is outside. They have a vested interest in repairing your heating, cooling, and ventilation system to provide the best service possible. It’s their job to foresee potential problems and make corrections accordingly.

We’re not saying you’ll never have an emergency ever again. But with a regular maintenance contract, in most cases, potential problems will be addressed long before they become overwhelming problems.

Regular Maintenance Means Better Reporting
Imagine a commercial building where the property manager calls in the first HVAC company it finds when emergencies occur. That means the HVAC contractor is walking in cold, not sure what he’ll find. He has to find the equipment, assess the damage, look for any information other HVAC contractors may have left behind.

Now imagine a commercial building being serviced by the same commercial HVAC company over and over again. They have records of all maintenance, repairs, and replacements performed. They have records of what the system looks like and how it performs. In some cases, the same technician goes back into the building with every call. He knows what to look for because he’s been there before.

Regular Maintenance Alerts You To Problems Before They Begin
Parts wear out. Small leaks turn into bigger ones. Weak equipment can easily break. But when a technician comes in and notices a problem, he can give you his professional advice. He can show you where the problems lie and give you an idea of what can happen in the future. He can say things like: This should be replaced in the next six months. This gives you time to adjust your budget. This gives you a chance to plan for the future, instead of being surprised by an emergency that is much more costly than you’ve anticipated.

Regular Maintenance Gives You Many Options
Regular maintenance contracts are never a “one size fits all” kind of deal. Instead, it takes into account what you need most. Are you operating a small retail location? Do you have multiple offices all across the city? Do you have different needs according to the seasons?

Many property owners are intimidated by contracts that bring people in on a regular basis, especially if the need isn’t there. But in the case of keeping your property properly conditioned with a healthy and comfortable air supply, it shouldn’t be a thought at all. Regular maintenance can mean whatever you need it to mean. And the only way to define it is by giving us a call.

Regular Maintenance Means You Can Avoid The Low-Ball Vendor
Many property owners experience the low-ball bid, where a vendor comes in for an emergency call promising one fee over the phone, only to present a bill that is much larger after the services are performed. It can come as a shock and blow your budget. And there’s little you can do; you needed the service to continue with “business as usual”.

But there is another way. That’s where regular maintenance contracts come into play. When you work with one commercial HVAC service company on a regular basis, they understand your system and do everything they can to ensure your system is operating most efficiently. A quality service won’t use cheap parts or skimp on maintenance tasks. Instead, they’ll pay attention to what’s happening with your entire system, find ways to keep it running in the short term while taking every precaution to ensure quality control throughout.

One way or another, your HVAC system will cost you money over time. The only question is: which way do you prefer?

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