Entek HVAC


5 Ways Entek Stands Out From its Competition

Most often we think of our homes as automated. Certainly there are always maintenance projects to take care of to ensure everything is in working order, but overall we go about our day knowing there’s a good chance that the lights will turn on when we flick the switch, the washing machine will churn when prompted, and the refrigerator will keep our food fresh and cold. So, when something goes awry, we’re frustrated and we don’t always know who to turn to for guidance. This is the case with our home HVAC system. There’s a very good chance if we […]

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Why Buildings Should Have an HVAC Service Provider on Retainer

You’re no stranger to HVAC maintenance, of course. Air filters need to be regularly replaced, and the unit should be cleared of debris such as dirt, pollen, and grass. Your carbon monoxide detector battery will need to be replaced every year, along with a variety of other minor updates. Occasionally, you may need to have repairs made or seek the latest technology. Anytime this occurs you’ll need to bring in an experienced HVAC service provider to handle it. However, did you know that in Portland and the surrounding area, HVAC companies—such as us Entek—offer service contracts so that you can […]

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The Benefits of Choosing a Certified HVAC Company

If you are planning to have a new heating or cooling system installed in your home, you have probably already been researching which contractors are the best in your area. You will of course be looking for a reliable choice with solid references that is reasonably priced; but what you should also be looking for is HVAC Certification. While not all HVAC Contractors in Portland are actually certified, there are too many benefits to choosing a certified company to ignore. Before we explain those benefits, however, let’s explain exactly what having an HVAC Certification means. What is HVAC? HVAC simply […]

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