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5 Reasons to Choose Entek’s Services for Heating and Air Conditioning in Vancouver

Finding the right company to handle all your HVAC needs is a challenge no matter where you live, but nowhere more so than Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding area. Perhaps it’s because there are so many companies vying for your business, and each claims to be the best (often with little to back up that claim). Maybe it’s the coastal climate of Washington and Oregon: very pleasant most of the time but definitely requires a well-maintained air conditioning and heating system. Whatever the reason, people struggle with heating and air conditioning their Vancouver homes.

It needn’t be such a challenge to keep your home comfortable, however: it’s merely a matter of finding the right company to do the job. While there’s a lot of HVAC companies out there, providing services with various levels of quality, some basic research will quickly reveal the best choice. Here are five reasons why Entek is the best company for all your HVAC needs in the Vancouver area:

Entek Can Do It All

When you first start looking for a technician, it may be because you have a simple repair in mind. Or perhaps you’re looking to install a new element to your heating or air conditioning system. However, having a dedicated HVAC technician is as important as having a good roofer or plumber or automotive technician.

Air ducts require regular cleaning and sealing; the electronic components in your air conditioner require occasional diagnostics. If repairs are necessary, you’ll need someone skilled who can perform them. And, if worst comes to worst and you need something done quickly, in an emergency, you’ll need a skilled technician who can do that too. Entek’s professional team members are trained to handle every element of heating and air conditioning in your home or business.

Entek Technicians Are Certifiedchoose-enteks-services-heating-and-air-conditioning-vancouver

You’d never step onto an airplane if you weren’t sure the pilots were highly trained, licensed professionals. Similarly, you’d never want a surgeon performing a critical operation if you weren’t certain they had all the required credentials. Dramatic examples aside, your air conditioner deserves the same consideration. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money hiring a technician to perform a diagnostic, a checkup, or repair work on any element of your HVAC system, then you’ll probably want to be sure they know what they’re doing.

Any technician from Entek who comes to service your air conditioning or heating systems will be NATE certified. NATE stands for the North American Technician Excellence, an organization that certifies technicians in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. This certification indicates that they have received the best professional training available and that your HVAC system is in good hands when you entrust it to their care.

Entek Has Experience

The certifications that Entek technicians carry with them are only part of what makes them the most qualified technicians around. They also bring over 150 years of collective real-world experience to the table. The company received its start with only a few employees way back in 1946. Since then, they’ve expanded to 60 hardworking local workers and have carried on a proud tradition of customer service.

That level of experience means that each technician in Entek’s employ has seen it all. Whatever problems you may be experiencing, chances are they’ve dealt with it before. Indeed, everyone in the ownership team is also an experienced, professional HVAC technician. Each member of the ownership team started in the field, working hard to keep heating and air conditioning Vancouver homes.

Entek Ensures You Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

When you’re searching for an HVAC company to repair a problem with your air conditioning, you’ll naturally be concerned about the costs involved. However, it’s never as simple as finding the lowest-cost option around. The reality is, you get what you pay for, and if cutting costs is your only goal, you’re likely to receive subpar work.

The other side of this coin is the fact that many repair companies will overcharge you for no particular reason, simply because they want to squeeze every dime out of you that they possibly can. Needless to say, this isn’t an ideal situation either.

What you should strive for when looking for a technician is cost-effectiveness. If you simply opt for low cost, without looking at other factors, you’ll likely have to pay through the nose later when your system fails (potentially at a very inopportune time). On the other hand, if you see costs tacked on everywhere and have a difficult time understanding why they’re there, it’s likely you’re being overcharged. With a company like Entek, you’ll be informed of costs upfront, and then you can rest easy knowing that Entek has a 100 percent customer guarantee. Over the years, their reliable service will save you thousands of dollars in repair costs and other bills.

At Entek, Safety Is Top Priority

It goes without saying that, when you’re having any sort of work done on your home or business, you want to know that safety is an important factor to the people doing the work. Your safety, your family’s safety, and the safety of the technician doing the work as well. It’s not enough for a business to simply tell you they’re safe either: they have to be able to back it up.

Entek does this by going above and beyond the safety standards required locally and federally. They require monthly safety meetings and a daily commitment to safety in every aspect of the company. The field of heating and air conditioning Vancouver homes has a great many elements to it, and an associate from each area of this field is present on Entek’s safety committee.

In addition to all of the above, Entek is also a member of ISN, an organization devoted to safety, insurance and quality for HVAC contractors that work on commercial and industrial sites.

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