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Duct Cleaning And Duct Sealing

Entek HVAC is a leader in the Pacific Northwest for clean and efficient systems for your home and business offering duct cleaning and duct sealing services.

At Entek, we believe in clean air, comfort and sustainability.

Our company has invested significant time and capital to perfect the residential, commercial and industrial duct cleaning and duct sealing services.We adopted this technology long before other HVAC companies in the area. And we did it because the building science and research overwhelmingly demonstrates we can help improve air quality, improve comfort and reduce energy costs for our customers.

Entek duct cleaning and sealing has helped homeowners solve their indoor air problems while saving them 20% to 40% on utility costs. And we have helped large commercial building owners of condominiums, apartments, and public entities such as schools and government agencies solve air quality related health issues, dramatically reduce their heating and cooling costs, and even help them to keep or achieve their LEED certification.

The Entek team is composed of highly qualified and experienced specialists who are dedicated to solving our customers problems while providing exceptional customer service. We are proud to be a proven leader in duct cleaning and sealing and we work very closely with local utility companies and green technology experts.

Our professionals follow EPA guidelines for duct cleaning. We are PCTS and BPI certified for leak testing and internal aerosol mist duct sealing on homes and commercial buildings, large and small.

Call now for a free estimate from one of our residential or commercial building science experts and ask about the Entek air duct “Clean and Seal” service.

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