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Did you know HVAC duct leakage can have a significant impact on your energy cost, comfort, and health?

It’s true. Your air ducts could be creating issues related to energy waste, discomfort, and allergy symptoms. And whether you own an older home or a new one, if the air ducts have not been sealed from the inside, they are leaking. This results in higher energy costs, increased dust and problems with hot and cold rooms.

But how can air ducts be sealed from the inside? The solution is a new, non-toxic aerosol product called AEROSEAL. This new technology has been featured on This Old House and Energy.gov. ENTEK was one of the first local HVAC contractors to offer  duct sealing with the patented AEROSEAL © technology and we have been sealing ductwork from the inside for a long time. Our specialists are certified, professional and very experienced.

How do you know if your ducts are leaking? It’s really very simple. Schedule an air duct leak test with one of our building science specialists. They will perform the test with state of the art equipment and provide a printed report of the results. After sealing air ducts in the local areas over the last several years, most customers see a dramatic decrease in their utility costs of 20% to 40%! Our customers report experiencing more comfort and reduced dust in their homes. And everyone feels good about reducing energy waste.

Whether you are a homeowner or own a commercial building, find out if you are suffering from air duct leakage by calling us today. Let us provide solutions and help you create a greener earth, reduce energy waste and enjoy savings on your heating and cooling bill.