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End Duct-Hunting Season in 2016

If you have considered switching to a quiet, ductless heat pump but never really pursued it, let this article finally end your dilemma.  There is nothing wrong with a traditional, quality-installed HVAC system that uses ductwork, but technology has advanced and there are now new options for homeowners, the qualities of which may tip the scales heavily in favor of a ductless heat pump.

ductless heat pump longview wa


The ductless heat pump (with AC) has grown in popularity and there are some clear reasons why.  Here are some of them:



As you can see from the photo, the ductless heat pump couldn’t be a simpler system. Sometimes known as a “Split system,” this unit requires no ductwork throughout the home, rather just 2 small hoses that can fit through a single 3-inch hole in the wall.  It is no wonder that the installation time is only a small fraction of a traditional HVAC system.  And just like the installation, the routine maintenance of ductless heat pumps is but a mere fraction of the effort required to check all ductwork for leaks and regular cleaning, not to mention the gymnastics needed to get to some hard-reach-ducts.


Loss of heat and coolness in ducts

The type of heat transfer an HVAC system utilizes is “convection,” the pushing of heat (or cold) via air or water.  When heat blows through traditional ductwork via convection, every inch of its journey is fighting the cooler temperatures on the outside of the ducts.  Quality ductwork will have high “resistance” to this loss of heat, but there is still a great deal of energy that is lost in the ducts, which are located in areas you don’t need to be heated.  With a ductless system, the slim hoses carrying heat and coolness are far less susceptible to this heat (or cool) transfer loss. This leads to…


Your utility bill

A major advantage.  As the renowned Angie’s List site points out, “The ductless systems are growing in popularity and are considered a cost-effective solution to replace electric baseboard heaters and window air conditioners. They can save customers as much as 30 percent on their bills. They are also used in new construction, multi-family dwellings or rooms that can be difficult to cool [or heat].”



Let’s discuss two types of location here.  First, the location of the indoor unit within the home.  While the most obvious location for the unit is where the family spends most of their time, such as a family room, as the people at Angie’s List mentioned, some rooms are problem areas with regard to temperature and a multi-unit ductless heat pump is probably the way to go. It is up to you to decide whether multiple indoor units are still cost-efficient with regard to the overall price tag and long-term savings, and it is something an HVAC technician can help you determine.

The other type of location is another advantage of a ductless heat pump.  Because these units can be placed high on walls within your home, there is no need to make room for them. They are aesthetically pleasing and you can keep your furniture right where it is.


Being green and clean

As Kermit the Frog says, “It’s not easy being green,” but in the case of ductless heat pumps, being green is just a side-advantage.  The energy saved not only helps your pocketbook but also the environment.  In addition, the refrigerant in the ductless heat pump’s air conditioning unit is the most environmentally-friendly available today.

Last, but certainly not least, is the cleanliness of your indoor air.  A ductless heat pump uses filters superior to a traditional system, and without ductwork that accumulates dust, pollutants, and other allergens, your indoor air will be cleaner than ever.


Let an expert technician from Entek visit your home to help you determine what may be your best solution.


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