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Regular HVAC Cleaning Is Important in Portland

As a homeowner, cleaning is probably part of your everyday life. Some things, like floors and tabletops, are cleaned regularly, while others only need to be cleaned every few months. Still, there may be items in your household that you’ve never considered cleaning. Your HVAC system is probably one of those items, and having it cleaned can provide you with some great benefits.

Regular HVAC cleaning is important, as it can contribute to things like an extended life span for your unit, lower energy costs, and even better indoor air quality. With the assistance of a professional HVAC service company like Entek, your unit can keep your system running smoothly and keep your home at the perfect temperature. Have you been considering having your HVAC cleaned? Here are a few ways scheduling your HVAC cleaning in Portland can benefit you.


How Is Duct Cleaning Performed?

When people talk about having their HVAC cleaned, they’re usually talking about both the HVAC unit and the ducts. HVAC ducts are an important component of the system, as they’re what the air travels through before it’s dispersed into different rooms in your home. Unlike vacuuming your floors or wiping down your walls, it isn’t exactly easy to clean your ducts on your own. Ducts are difficult to get in and out of, and the system can go on for dozens of feet, making it hard for the average person to navigate a thorough cleaning of the whole system.

When people have their HVAC cleaned in Portland, they usually call on professionals to assist them. A professional HVAC technician at Entek will leave you with ducts that are 99.97 percent dust-free. They can do this by using a three-stage HEPA filter in an industry-regulated vacuum trucking system. The system usually calls for a break in the duct system to insert the large vacuum unit, which requires special skill to do without causing permanent damage. The process takes from four to seven hours to complete and is best done by certified specialists.

Savings on Energy Costs

Everyone likes to save money, and having your HVAC cleaned regularly can do just that. When too much debris builds up in your system, it’s harder for your system to provide you with the temperature you desire. Instead of the system slowing itself down, it will work twice as hard to achieve the desired results. Though you may not be able to tell a difference initially, you’ll eventually see the difference in your utility bill.

With a clean HVAC, your system can run regularly without over-exerting itself. This will increase the overall efficiency of the unit, which ultimately saves energy and money. Wondering how much money it could save you? Entek’s duct cleaning service has helped homeowners save 20 to 40 percent on overall utility costs.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Another incentive for having your HVAC cleaned in Portland is that it can provide your home with better indoor air quality. With so many forest fires in the Pacific Northwest, you may be used to being notified of unhealthy outdoor air quality. Your home should be your retreat from those hazards, but with unclean ducts, you might just be walking into another hazardous situation.

Depending on your home environment, you could be accumulating a large amount of debris in your house. Things like pollen can penetrate your home during high pollen seasons, and owning pets can create a large amount of pet dander in the home. Your HVAC filter helps to cleanse the air of things like pet dander, dust, and pollen, but a dirty filter can mean the buildup gets into your unit and is re-released into the air. Having too much debris in the air can lead to your family developing allergy symptoms like sneezing and trouble breathing. With fresh filters and a clean HVAC, you’ll be breathing in the best air quality possible for your home.

Can Help Your Home Smell Better

No one wants to walk into a home with an unfriendly odor. If you’ve noticed a strange odor in your home but aren’t exactly sure where it’s coming from, it could be your HVAC. Your HVAC can accumulate a lot of harsh-smelling debris over time. Things like tobacco smoke can stick to that debris and leave the odor hanging in the air.

Mold is also known to accumulate in an unclean HVAC and give off an unpleasant odor. Cleaning your HVAC ensures that any harsh smell coming from your home isn’t coming from your unit and can help you identify the real culprit. And if your HVAC is the culprit, cleaning can wipe out the smell completely and return the fresh scent to your household.

Increased Life Span

When you invest in a good HVAC, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. This unit is responsible for heating your whole home, and the longer you can maintain the HVAC you have, the more money you’ll save. An HVAC has the potential to last at least 15 years when kept in good condition, with the possibility to last even longer with extra care. Cleaning is one of the best things you can do to care for your unit.

When you fail to clean your HVAC properly, you can decrease the life span of your unit. Professional cleaning by an HVAC technician can help you keep your unit running longer by preventing it from overworking itself and by improving its efficiency. If you want to keep your unit in good condition for years to come, cleaning is the way to do it.

The short answer to why cleaning your HVAC in Portland is important is because it gets dirty. Just because you can’t always see the buildup that accumulates within your HVAC doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Have a professional do your HVAC cleaning so that you can rest assured knowing that your HVAC is in the best condition possible.

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