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Find an HVAC Company for Your Commercial Needs

The seasons are turning, and you’re starting to run the heater more often. You’re ahead of the game, though. You’re going to call an HVAC company in Portland to start up an annual or semi-annual maintenance schedule. Maybe you’ve just moved into a new commercial space, or maybe your thermostat is broken (again) and your previous HVAC company didn’t impress you when they fixed it. (I mean, it’s broken again, right?)

But when was the last time you looked for an HVAC company? It may have been years since the last time! Before you pick up the phone, here are four questions to consider when looking for an HVAC company that fits your needs.

1. What heating or cooling needs does your commercial space have?

Since space cooling accounts for roughly 15 percent of the electricity used in commercial buildings, you want to be sure your money is being used effectively. At Entek, we understand that your workspace is important to your bottom line. If your employees are too cold or too warm, productivity can suffer. If you have customers who visit, such as in retail, the temperature can change how long they spend in your space, whether they buy anything, and whether they become repeat customers. Comfortable temperatures are good for your customers and your staff.

Your workplace can be a small office or a large manufacturing plant, or anything in-between. You may have different needs if you’re one versus the other. First, determine what you might need, then call your prospective HVAC company for a walkthrough of your space. Make sure to go with the representative when they arrive so they can point out things that might need attention and so you can show them what might have put your mind on this track.

Try to do your homework before the walkthrough too. Does your building have a history of any particular work or past projects regarding the ducts? When was the HVAC system installed? How old is your building or space? If you don’t know these answers, the HVAC specialist should still be able to see the system and figure out what you need—these things are just convenient to know!

Consider also the type of work you do. Is your space retail, manufacturing, a school, a restaurant, an office? When the air conditioning kicks on, is there something that niggles at the back of your mind to double-check? Or maybe the air conditioning needs a little help to kick on since you need to keep turning the dial lower and lower throughout the day. Consider telling the HVAC representative of the upgrades you’re thinking about or challenges your space has experienced in the hot or cold months.

Do you have large banks of computers? They need lots of power to keep cool too. Monitor how hot it gets in your space when all your computers and servers are running at the same time. Maybe it’s not that your HVAC system is broken—maybe it just can’t keep up with the demand!

2. What other services or products do they offer?entek-find-an-hvac-company-for-your-commercial-needs

Choices, choices. Each company you interview will probably have a standard catalog of systems they install, but what about upgrades or additional features? Are there any products or manufacturers they don’t work with? Be sure to ask what services or products you haven’t thought of yet or that may become pertinent to your system in the future. At Entek, we do it all. We work with every system out there—we pride ourselves on being industry leaders and professionals and knowing our products.

For instance, indoor air quality has a significant impact on both people and machines. But if the temperature in your workspace is comfortable, do you notice the air quality aside from that? If your system currently runs on a furnace, you might consider adding a heat pump. It’s part of an efficient system that helps with air quality and helps minimize the use of a furnace. It can also be ductless, which minimizes the amount of cleaning and maintenance it will require throughout its life span. In addition, we have high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioning units that we can install when your old system kicks the bucket.

And we have water heaters—both tankless, heat pump and standard—and can perform an LED lighting retrofit to increase your energy efficiency.

Another perk—you can have us install increased-efficiency and programmable thermostats. This will save you money by automatically adjusting temperatures instead of requiring your input day after day. With the temperature swings in Portland, you know you’ll appreciate it.

3. What type of maintenance do they perform, or do they only do installations?

At Entek, we believe the real key comes with maintenance. Maybe you already have a highly efficient heat pump or air conditioning unit, but the ducts throughout your building are leaking. This means the hot or cold air doesn’t get where it’s supposed to. Your system has to work twice as hard to get to a comfortable temperature. Leaky ducts can also account for poor indoor air quality. You can save up to 45 percent of your monthly energy bill when your duct system is properly cleaned and sealed.

4. What type of experience do they have?

Entek has over 70 years of experience in the industry, and we design, install, and service our own climate control systems as our primary work. We’re experts in what we do, and we love doing it!

As a company, we’re also committed to health and safety for workers and customers. We go beyond being merely compliant and are well-versed in the current safety requirements issued by OSHA and WISHA, and with state and federal regulations.

Safety requirements and training are reflected in our company’s core values and embedded within our hiring and orientation processes. This includes stringent and rigorous regulatory testing and training, and weekly job- and safety hazard–specific education, giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to their systems, whether they’re in the workplace or home.

At Entek in Portland, we believe in high-quality products and high-quality customer service. Let us prove it to you! Contact us today to answer these questions and any others you might have.

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