Home Air Quality

Clean indoor air can prevent many environmental health hazards.

At ENTEK, we assess your home;
not just your furnace.

As our homes become more energy efficient, it is more important than ever that home air quality and ventilation issues be properly assessed by a trained and certified HVAC professional to avoid the potential negative effects on your health, comfort and your homes energy efficiency.

It is extremely important to hire an air conditioning repair contractor that understands the delicate balance between air leaks, sealing, ventilation and air quality. Air sealing techniques can work wonders to reduce air leakage and cut down on energy waste. But it can also seal your home up to the point where contaminants with known health effects such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and radon are sealed into your house. And proper ventilation is vital for comfort but it also helps control moisture, which can lead to mold growth and structural damage.

Our Air Quality Experts can help your indoor air quality to:

Improve comfort
Reduce dust
Reduce allergens
Improve health
Reduce air borne contaminants
Increase energy efficiency
Reduce utility costs
As a member of ASHRAE, ENTEK specialists know the industry standards and the latest recommendations for indoor air quality and ventilation. This organization (ASHRAE) has determined that a home’s living area should be ventilated at a specific cubic feet per minute or CFM rate. Our specialists are educated and trained by ASHRAE standards and determine your homes ventilation needs using current ASHRAE calculations. ASHRAE Standards are revised every three years.
Our building science experts perform sophisticated whole house and duct leak testing with computerized technology, infrared cameras, and blower doors. Our customers receive a list of identified problems and recommend duct cleaning solutions to fit your budget.

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Indoor Air Contaminants:

Dust and allergens can cause chronic problems with sinus issues, headaches and allergy symptoms. But other contaminants pose more serious problems. Formaldyhede, volatile organic compounds and radon can cause serious health problems. This can vary from various symptoms and illness to cancer. Radon is connected to some forms of cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency has recently updated the map showing locations for the highest concentrations of radon in our area.

If you live in a red zone, please contact us for more information about testing and containment.