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Playing it Cool: Preparing Your HVAC System for Summer

Based on recent history, the likelihood that temperatures will continue increasing each year is very high.  In fact, last year saw more 90+ degree and 100+ degree days in the Pacific Northwest than any time in recorded history, surpassing even the “2009 Heat Wave” that now pales in comparison.  Therefore, it is important that your cooling system is ready to work hard for you during the upcoming months.  Here are some convincing reasons why you should call an air conditioning service ASAP.


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A routine maintenance check is critical for your AC unit’s health and longevity – the experts at Angie’s List recommend this check once every year.  Among other standard checks, technicians from an air conditioning service can perform the following:


  • Check for physical damage done to the outdoor unit that can be caused by Mother Nature.
  • Check the AC unit’s fins for cleanliness and damage (the honeycomb of thin metal strips are easily bent).
  • Ensure area around outdoor unit is clear of debris.
  • Check your levels of refrigerant. FYI, the AC unit should not be losing refrigerant as it is reused – a low level of refrigerant typically indicates leaking at some point on the unit.
  • Ensure that the evaporator drain is draining properly (a clogged drain can lead to big problems).
  • Check cleanliness of evaporator coil.
  • (other essential services)




While routine AC maintenance is recommended once a year, checking and/or changing the system’s blower filter is recommended every 6 months.  But a maintenance check should be more thorough than replacing a simple filter – technicians can do testing to determine the amount of impurities that are blowing out of those grates.  Cool air is not much consolation if you are breathing in high concentrations of pollens, mold spores, and other particles which may have accumulated in your system and ducts over the winter.




It’s important to remember that an AC unit is not simply “working” or “broken,” there are many stages in between.  A unit that has an overheated motor, is losing refrigerant, or some other problem can lead to a major loss in efficiency and power even though the system is still operating.

On the subject of efficiency, it is also valuable to know where you may be lacking or losing cool air.  You may be lacking coolness in the rooms where it is needed most, while keeping the attic nice and cold, and that is why diagnostic testing from a trusted air conditioning service is crucial.  A good HVAC company can find out exactly where your cool air is going and where it is not, which not only adds to the comfort of your home, but makes it more energy efficient, potentially saving you money in the process.  Your heating and cooling system accounts for more than 50% of your energy bill, so you can see that even slight improvements in efficiency will pay off for you down the road.


Avoiding the Wait List


We have bounced into April and the sun has come out here in Vancouver, Washington, so now is the best time to call a respected air conditioning service and schedule an appointment.  As you can imagine, the warmer it gets, the busier this service will become, and waiting until the first 95 degree day may put you on a wait list.  To have peace of mind that your AC unit will be ready when you are, schedule your visit soon!




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