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Today’s high efficiency furnaces afford big benefits and savings to customers. Using at least 30% less fuel and energy than older furnaces, switching to a high efficiency furnace means big cuts in energy costs. With the costs of oil and natural gas rising, it is easy to see that replacing with a high efficiency model that will reduce your future energy consumption is a smart choice. ENTEK carries the best products and brands in the business, including furnaces produced by Carrier.


ENTEK is proudly the longest serving Carrier provider in the Pacific Northwest for residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC products.

New furnaces also have the added advantage of producing much less noise than older furnace models. They will also produce more even heating and maintain temperature at a more consistent level.

Not only can a new high efficiency furnace save you money in energy costs, you might be able to reduce your costs of installing a new furnace through available tax credits or rebates.

Regular cleanings and repairs will make sure your furnace continues to run at optimal efficiency. Installing window upgrades and improving your home’s insulation can help you save even more money in energy costs and help you get the most savings improvement out of your new furnace.
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