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Commercial HVAC Basics to Help You Choose the Best Company for Your Business

Choosing an HVAC contractor is not as easy as one may think, because it’s a job that requires understanding commercial HVAC basics. It also means doing significant research into professional reputations because, just like any other profession, it’s very easy to wind up with a subpar contractor if you don’t do your due diligence. You need to thoroughly vet prospective HVAC contractors and their ability to properly follow through on taking care of commercial HVAC basics so that you ensure you get a real professional, rather than just a bunch of handymen who over-inflate their professional credentials. So, what exactly […]

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Why Buildings Should Have an HVAC Service Provider on Retainer

You’re no stranger to HVAC maintenance, of course. Air filters need to be regularly replaced, and the unit should be cleared of debris such as dirt, pollen, and grass. Your carbon monoxide detector battery will need to be replaced every year, along with a variety of other minor updates. Occasionally, you may need to have repairs made or seek the latest technology. Anytime this occurs you’ll need to bring in an experienced HVAC service provider to handle it. However, did you know that in Portland and the surrounding area, HVAC companies—such as us Entek—offer service contracts so that you can […]

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When to Call in a Professional Commercial HVAC Service

Studies show that fewer than half of companies perform regular preventative maintenance on their HVAC systems, even though doing so can cut HVAC energy costs while extending equipment life, improving occupant comfort, and increasing uptime. If you could reduce your energy costs by as much as 40 percent, would you do it? If your monthly utility bill was suddenly cut by 40 percent, would you welcome the additional money into your budget? Rhetorical questions, we know. But it does give you something to think about. Are you doing all you can to keep your utility bills as low as possible? […]

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