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5 Advantages of an Energy-Efficient Heat Pump

Interested in making changes to your home’s heating system? Looking to update to a more energy-efficient solution? Now that there are so many different choices of heating systems, it’s hard to know which to go with. An increasingly popular, highly recommended choice is to switch to a heat pump. Heat pump systems work by moving the heat in the air outside and into your home. It’s a common option in the Pacific Northwest, as it works especially well for moderate temperatures. Wondering if it’s right for your household? Read on to find out five reasons why you should consider switching […]

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Are There Disadvantages of High-Efficiency Furnaces?

When you’re looking to buy a new furnace, picking one is usually not a simple decision. You want to make sure you choose the best possible option. And now there are more varieties to choose from than ever before. This includes high-efficiency furnaces. They might seem perfect on paper, but are there any downsides you should know about before buying one? After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Read on to find out about the disadvantages of high-efficiency furnaces and see whether or not they’re the right furnace choice for you. What Are High-efficiency Furnaces? Furnaces heat […]

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Is Cost the Only Incentive for Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems?

For most homeowners, cost savings are among the most important considerations they must make when selecting an HVAC system. That’s not surprising, of course: financial considerations are an everyday reality for the majority of Americans, and it’s these attempts to save a little money that usually get people to start considering purchasing energy-efficient HVAC systems. Other homeowners, however, might still be on the fence, despite the evidence that a more energy-efficient system will save them a good deal of money. After all, there are other considerations, and often, homeowners worry that the costs of installation and maintenance of a new, […]

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What Should I Look for in HVAC Service in Vancouver WA

HVAC systems are an incredibly essential part of your home. They’re also very pricy, so you want to absolutely get your money’s worth out of them. You’ll want to make sure that your system is installed perfectly. And, after installation, that it keeps working properly. In order to ensure that, you should have service scheduled to perform any annual maintenance. But how do you choose an HVAC service? HVAC systems are very complex, so you’ll need to hire an experienced and educated service. Read on below to find some rules to follow when it comes to looking for an HVAC […]

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Earn Incentives When You Upgrade to Energy Efficient HVAC Options

How much money do you spend on your power bill? No matter what the answer is, it probably seems like a lot. You have to wonder, isn’t there anything more that can be done to bring that cost down? Sure, just keep in mind the HVAC efficiency rating. But aren’t efficient HVAC options expensive, you might wonder? Surely any savings you’d see would be offset by the cost of upgrading. Seems like a real catch 22. Except it doesn’t have to be! Many homeowners want to make their homes more energy efficient, but the cost of doing so can seem […]

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5 Reasons Your AC isn’t Running Efficiently

Have you ever opened your mail to find that your energy bill was sky high? Maybe even more than double what you were expecting. You rack your brain but you can’ t remember doing anything differently. The meter must have been read incorrectly. You call up your utility company irate at these outrageous charges. Except perhaps the bill wasn’t wrong after all. Maybe you really did use all that energy. And the reason could be that your HVAC system simply isn’t running efficiently. At Entek, we want to make sure you keep your house cool and don’t sweat your bill. […]

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