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Installing a Smart Thermostat Can Optimize Home Temperature

What Is a Smart Thermostat? A smart thermostat can alter the temperature of the home remotely, with the use of a tablet, phone, or other device that is connected to the internet, such as a smart speaker. They are designed to allow you to change the temperature settings, install programs, make exceptions, and manage the settings of your home so the automation can be more energy-efficient and help save you money. What Else Can a Smart Thermostat Do? Depending on the thermostat, some specific models have built-in features such as the ability to learn your heating and cooling preferences. Ultimately, […]

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6 Ways Entek HVAC Techs Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

You’re always looking for ways to make your home more comfortable, and this is especially true during the temperature extremes of the summer and winter. As the weather veers toward intense heat or bone-chilling cold, you’ll want to be sure you have a great HVAC system in place. Your HVAC system—which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system—is one of the most important ways your home can stay comfortable throughout the year. No matter what part of the world you occupy, and no matter the season, few things in your home are more important than a good-quality, well-cared-for HVAC […]

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5 Benefits of Aeroseal Commercial Duct Sealing

Air vents and ducts are found throughout nearly every commercial building, whether it’s a business/industry, hospital, lab, or multiplex, such as a high-rise condominium. How effective the temperature control system is depends on the duct sealing. And the more your building uses air conditioning and heating, the more the ductwork expands and contracts, which can lead to leaks. Duct leaks might not be very noticeable or seem like much at first, but they can really add up to become a bigger and bigger problem over time. The negative effects of leaks in your duct system include excessive dust, higher utility […]

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Pros and Cons of an Electric Heat Pump

Modern technology has given us several options for heating and cooling our homes, and while gas furnaces remain the most popular, many homeowners are opting to make the switch to an electric heat pump. This type of heating system has a number of advantages, though it’s not without its limitations. Before making your final choice as to how you will heat and cool your home, we recommend taking a look at the pros and cons of an electric heat pump. What Is an Electric Heat Pump? Despite the name, electric heat pumps are not used for simply heating the home. […]

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6 Services Provided by a Heating and Cooling Company

Heating and cooling your home is expensive. This year alone it’s estimated you’ll spend over $2,000 on your energy bill, with at least $875 of that accounting for just heating and cooling costs. Despite this high figure, you probably don’t think about your heating and cooling company too often­—not unless you have a problem. And since we’re now almost three months into 2019, you’ve also likely dropped your New Year’s resolutions, so let’s make a new one together. Let’s make proactive heating and cooling decisions with the goal of extending the life of your system, feeling comfortable in your space, […]

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Five Advantages of Going Ductless

Records of indoor central heating systems date back to the late 13th century and were popularized in the United States during the Civil War era. The first good record dates back to Germany in the 1200s when the city hall in Lüneberg installed a heating system that used three furnaces and a series of rounded ducts that channeled air from basement furnaces to the building’s rooms. Modern-day central heating and cooling is based on this model that surfaced during medieval times: a series of ducts connected to a heat source that uses fossil fuels to pump heat through a building, […]

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