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What Is the Best HVAC System for Your Home?

Choosing an HVAC system for your home can be more stressful and difficult than you may initially assume. This decision is so important because your HVAC system determines the comfort level of your home, which can have an impact on the quality of your life. And it’s an important investment that you’ll want to rely on. Plus, it’s understandable that you might be overwhelmed by the number of HVAC system options available, especially since there seems to be more now than ever. Luckily, at Entek, we have the tools and expertise to help make this decision much easier, from certified […]

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What Are the Benefits of an ENERGY STAR®–Rated Electric Furnace?

There are many energy-efficient appliances on the market these days. But if your furnace is nearing the end of its life span, odds are you’ve probably never purchased an ENERGY STAR®–rated electric furnace. After all, furnaces can last decades, and the ENERGY STAR® label has only been around since 1992. So if you’ve never purchased an ENERGY STAR® furnace, you may be wondering whether it’s a worthwhile investment. ENERGY STAR®–rated appliances operate at optimal efficiency, and electric furnaces are no exception. Entek not only carries these high-efficiency electric furnaces, we also offer them at affordable prices. From comfort to cost […]

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Choose Entek for Excellent HVAC Service in Portland

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is arriving home after a long day at work and having one of the home systems no longer working. When the temperatures are creeping to 90, even 100 degrees and your air conditioner breaks—how are you going to sleep at night? Or if we get the first cold spell of the year and your furnace won’t turn on—while you might not have trouble sleeping huddled under blankets, getting ready in the morning is going to be a cold experience. And the dread of knowing you’re in for a major repair bill can weigh on your mind. […]

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Five Advantages of Going Ductless

Records of indoor central heating systems date back to the late 13th century and were popularized in the United States during the Civil War era. The first good record dates back to Germany in the 1200s when the city hall in Lüneberg installed a heating system that used three furnaces and a series of rounded ducts that channeled air from basement furnaces to the building’s rooms. Modern-day central heating and cooling is based on this model that surfaced during medieval times: a series of ducts connected to a heat source that uses fossil fuels to pump heat through a building, […]

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