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5 Signs You Need Furnace Repair

The furnace in your home is something you may not think about often—unless there’s a problem—but it’s nonetheless very important. If your furnace isn’t working properly, it could have a significantly negative impact on your home, especially in the cold winter months when you need it the most. So if you need furnace repair in Vancouver, WA, you shouldn’t put it off. Instead, make sure you get furnace repair from a reputable company, such as Entek HVAC, right away. You want to make sure a minor repair doesn’t turn into a major repair. How do you know if your furnace […]

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7 Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace

Did you know your heating system is the largest energy expense in your home? Did you know that on average, a furnace accounts for about 45 percent of the average American family’s energy bills? Good reasons to ensure your furnace is both running properly and operating as efficiently as possible. That’s where smart decisions about the equipment you choose and how well you maintain it each year come into play. Regular maintenance and periodic checkups are highly important to ensuring your furnace remains efficient. For many, they wait until a problem exists. Yet in most cases, a problem arises after […]

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