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Benefits of Using One HVAC System for Heating and Cooling

The term HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning,” which, of course, are all separate systems doing different tasks in your home. Even though you’ll hear people refer to your “HVAC system,” as if it were one unit, it’s usually multiple pieces of machinery that do the work of heating and cooling your home by way of a complex system of ducts. These days, however, modern technology has allowed HVAC units to become far more streamlined than they have ever been before. Whereas traditional HVAC units consisted of separate heating and cooling systems, today’s technology is more advanced and […]

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The Ideal Thermostat Temperature All Year Long

  When winter creeps into the neighborhood one frosty mornings, it is tempting for many of us to turn that thermostat up. Likewise, in the heat of summer, we get the urge to crank it down for relief. This is not only a waste of your energy dollar. Extremes in heating and cooling our homes can have other negative effects on our well-being. The question of the ideal thermostat temperature is one that has no definitive answer. It is very much a matter of personal preference. Ideal thermostat settings vary with the season, your household’s composition and lifestyle, and whether […]

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