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Are Candles Hurting Your Indoor Air Quality?

There’s a reason the candle business is booming. Nothing creates ambiance in a room quite like the unique glow of a candle. In the fall, they can give you the perfect apple pie scent in a kitchen, without actually having to make a pie. And when the weather gets colder in Vancouver, WA, candles can aid in heating your home. But have you ever considered that the candles you’re lighting could hurt the indoor air quality of a room? Any concerns tend to be lost among all the positive things candles can do, but there are a few negatives you […]

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How To Improve the Air Quality in Your Vancouver, WA, Home

Health-conscious people spend a lot of time considering their diet and exercise routines. They take great care to ensure they eat plenty of nutrients, while reducing their intake of unhealthy sugars and sodium. Then they spend hours every week visiting the gym, hoping to stay in the best shape possible. Often, however, these same people don’t take time to consider one of the most important factors in their overall health: air quality. Vancouver, WA, is generally known for having good air quality, however, if you don’t take steps to keep the air in your home fresh and clean, it can […]

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What Is Toxic House Syndrome and How Can I Prevent It?

Modern homes have changed over the years. Head back to the early 1900s, and most houses were heated by coal or wood. By the mid-1900s, modern heating systems, such as furnaces and boilers, were quickly being installed, with air-conditioning systems not far behind. Today it’s hard to imagine having a home without the convenience of push-button technology. We have smart thermostats to track the inside temperature, learn our behaviors, and ensure the inside air matches our activity levels every hour of the day. Hybrid HVAC systems have pushed the envelope in what is possible with home efficiency. All of that […]

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5 Reasons to Have a Home Air Quality Assessment

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about the air quality in your own home. Unless there is a serious problem, it’s rarely at the top of a homeowner’s concerns. It’s easy to focus on problems you can see with your own two eyes, like a leaky sink, chipped paint, or a broken fridge. However, your home air quality can have serious short and long-term effects on the lives of everyone living there. Here are five reasons why you should consider having an assessment to improve your home air quality. 1. The air quality […]

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How to Improve Your Home Air Quality

Your home should be a place of refuge, not a place where you’re exposed to indoor pollutants and allergens. Fortunately, we are an HVAC and building performance company based in Vancouver, WA, and understands the importance of your home’s air quality. We have been in business more than 70 years and are eager to share our expertise. Here, we’ll discuss ways to improve and maintain your home’s air quality. One point to remember is that mold tends to grow in areas of moisture. Mold poses health risks for even the healthiest individuals. A 2004 report by the Institute of Medicine, […]

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