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5 Reasons to Have an HVAC Checkup Every Spring in Vancouver WA

Your HVAC unit is the reason why your home stays at the temperatures it needs to be all year long. In the winter, it heats your home and provides an escape from the cold outside, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. In the summertime, your home is the perfect retreat from the blazing hot sun. When it’s well taken care of, your unit thrives and acts as a positive enforcer in your home. The best way to take good care of your HVAC? Get it checked yearly. Keeping your HVAC on a yearly maintenance schedule is a great way to […]

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Does Your House Need an HVAC Checkup?

HVAC systems are incredibly important in a household, as they control the heating and cooling in a home throughout the year. If your HVAC systems are working properly, then everything should be fine in terms of heating and air conditioning in your home. The seasons will come and go smoothly. If not, however, you’ll need to have professionals, like those at Entek, perform an HVAC checkup. How do you know if your system needs an HVAC checkup? There are several warning signs you can look out for: Temperature Check Generally, there will be a temperature at which you and your […]

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What You Can Expect with HVAC Checkup Maintenance

The HVAC system in your home is responsible for heating, cooling, and air circulation. That makes it one of the most important features of a healthy and comfortable home. During the blazing-hot summers and freezing-cold winters, nothing could be more inconvenient than a failure of any part of your HVAC system. Of course, the hottest and coldest days of the year are exactly when your HVAC system is most likely to suffer a breakdown—those are the days when your equipment is working its hardest. They’re also the days when it will be most difficult to get a technician to come […]

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