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How Can I Service a Furnace Before Calling Professionals?

You hear strange noises in your HVAC ductwork. You notice a weird odor wafting through your vents. Rooms in your home are heating unevenly or won’t heat at all. Your energy bills spike. If you’re facing any of these issues, then you may be dealing with something serious. When this happens, calling a local, certified HVAC company, such as Entek, may be the smartest and most cost-effective move you can make. But sometimes hiring a professional service may be unnecessary if your HVAC-related problems are well within your ability to solve. Replacing a dirty air filter or clearing clutter and […]

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Heating and Cooling Services in the Vancouver Area

Heating and cooling systems are an essential part of any building. Especially in the heights of the winter and summer months, when people can experience incredibly harsh temperatures. Whether it’s in an office building, your home, or somewhere else, a temperature control system will make everyone more comfortable and ultimately be better for their health. So having a heating and cooling service you know you can rely on is very important. Read on to find out more about some of the heating and cooling services available in Vancouver. System Installation You might require a heating and cooling system installation service […]

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How to Prevent HVAC Emergencies

An efficient HVAC system is essential to any home. That’s why Entek understands what a hassle HVAC emergencies can be. Not only can they compromise the comfort and health of your family, they can also be quite costly. That’s why it’s important to take proper steps to avoid them. Here are our top ways to prevent HVAC emergencies, enabling you to save both time and money. 1. Timely Upgrades The first step to avoiding HVAC problems is to know when it’s time for an upgrade. Older equipment will not operate at maximum efficiency, and wear and tear could cause your […]

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