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5 Tips for Vetting HVAC Companies

If you’re looking to upgrade or service your HVAC equipment, one of the best things you can do is hire the right company to perform the work. A trusted HVAC contractor can perform a Home Performance Test, make recommendations specific to your particular situation, and ensure that your HVAC equipment is the right size and properly installed. The last two are key to making sure you get the most out of your HVAC system. So how do you go about finding a company that you can trust? That’s where Entek comes in. We’ve provided top-rated service for more than 70 […]

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Choose Entek for Excellent HVAC Service in Portland

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is arriving home after a long day at work and having one of the home systems no longer working. When the temperatures are creeping to 90, even 100 degrees and your air conditioner breaks—how are you going to sleep at night? Or if we get the first cold spell of the year and your furnace won’t turn on—while you might not have trouble sleeping huddled under blankets, getting ready in the morning is going to be a cold experience. And the dread of knowing you’re in for a major repair bill can weigh on your mind. […]

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5 Things to Look for When Hiring HVAC Repair in Vancouver WA

When you’re looking to hire a contractor to fix your HVAC system, you want to make a prompt decision. You can’t let your home or building grow uncomfortably hot or cold, after all. But you also want to make the right decision and go with a trustworthy company. Your HVAC system is a significant investment. You don’t want to hire a company only to have the technicians do a poor job so you end up with your system needing repair again. You’ll then have to call a service back into your home or building for more repairs. Spend a bit […]

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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring HVAC Service in Portland

As a home or business owner, there will likely come a time when you’ll need to call an HVAC technician to look at, fix, or install something in your home or office. HVAC is the acronym for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.” When it comes to hiring HVAC service in Portland, these services can include, but aren’t limited to, installing, maintaining, and repairing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Essentially, anything that helps to control the temperature and air quality in your home or business can be serviced by an HVAC technician. We want to ensure the best care […]

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How to Prevent HVAC Emergencies

An efficient HVAC system is essential to any home. That’s why Entek understands what a hassle HVAC emergencies can be. Not only can they compromise the comfort and health of your family, they can also be quite costly. That’s why it’s important to take proper steps to avoid them. Here are our top ways to prevent HVAC emergencies, enabling you to save both time and money. 1. Timely Upgrades The first step to avoiding HVAC problems is to know when it’s time for an upgrade. Older equipment will not operate at maximum efficiency, and wear and tear could cause your […]

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Buying a New House? Don’t Forget to Check Out the HVAC System

Nothing is as exciting as buying a new home. And if you’re looking for a home in an established area, it means you get all of the benefits of moving into a tightly woven community that already has things in place? Shopping will be close by. The school system will already be in place. Your landscaping may be lush and mature. Who doesn’t enjoy the look of large trees and blooming shrubbery already in place? Curb appeal is everything to a buyer as they contemplate their decisions. Granite countertops? Check. Open concept layout? That’s good too. But as you’re moving […]

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