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Buying a New House? Don’t Forget to Check Out the HVAC System

Nothing is as exciting as buying a new home. And if you’re looking for a home in an established area, it means you get all of the benefits of moving into a tightly woven community that already has things in place? Shopping will be close by. The school system will already be in place. Your landscaping may be lush and mature. Who doesn’t enjoy the look of large trees and blooming shrubbery already in place? Curb appeal is everything to a buyer as they contemplate their decisions. Granite countertops? Check. Open concept layout? That’s good too. But as you’re moving […]

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How to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Whether your HVAC system is older or brand new, it’s a good idea to invest in preventative maintenance and care. Taking a few basic steps in HVAC maintenance can help extend the life of your heating and cooling unit and ensure that you save a good deal of money over the years. In addition to getting regular inspections and service from a professional HVAC company, you can also do a certain amount of maintenance and care yourself. This guide will provide you with some hints and tips in caring for your HVAC system whether it is old or new. Step […]

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The Benefits of Choosing a Certified HVAC Company

If you are planning to have a new heating or cooling system installed in your home, you have probably already been researching which contractors are the best in your area. You will of course be looking for a reliable choice with solid references that is reasonably priced; but what you should also be looking for is HVAC Certification. While not all HVAC Contractors in Portland are actually certified, there are too many benefits to choosing a certified company to ignore. Before we explain those benefits, however, let’s explain exactly what having an HVAC Certification means. What is HVAC? HVAC simply […]

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