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What Is HVAC Certification and How Is It Earned?

If you’ve ever needed maintenance on your air conditioning, chances are you’ve had to call an HVAC specialist. The same applies if you’ve ever had a new furnace installed in your home, or if you’ve needed a thermostat repaired or a duct cleaned or a filter replaced. Professionals in the world of HVAC wear many hats and must be knowledgeable about many different systems in the home, from electrical to ventilation, and many more. Anyone that’s had to call an HVAC technician has probably done their research. Of course, as you search for technicians in your area, you’ll discover that […]

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5 Reasons to Choose Entek’s Services for Heating and Air Conditioning in Vancouver

Finding the right company to handle all your HVAC needs is a challenge no matter where you live, but nowhere more so than Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding area. Perhaps it’s because there are so many companies vying for your business, and each claims to be the best (often with little to back up that claim). Maybe it’s the coastal climate of Washington and Oregon: very pleasant most of the time but definitely requires a well-maintained air conditioning and heating system. Whatever the reason, people struggle with heating and air conditioning their Vancouver homes. It needn’t be such a challenge […]

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Is Air Conditioning Safe for Babies?

When you have a new child, everything in their life is brand new. And for a new mom and dad, it means you’ll have a lot to worry about. A quick search online will give you a hundred different things to burden your days and nights. Are you feeding them correctly? Are they reaching the appropriate milestones? It can also bring up worries you’ve never considered before. Like the safety of running an air conditioner when your baby is at home. Babies are simply smaller versions of ourselves. They have the same needs. They have similar desires. They want to […]

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