“Come this heating season I started having respiratory symptoms that seemed to correspond to a severe allergy. After having the symptoms (nasty cough, runny nose and burning eyes) for almost 3 weeks, I suspected there was an issue with the indoor air quality and contacted Entek. Jeremy and an associate came out the same day and did an external inspection of the HVAC system but could not find anything amiss but promised to send someone out the following week for a closer look. Ivo and Dennis came out and did a thorough examination of the inside of the HVAC system. In a hidden and inaccessible location of the fresh air duct work which extends to the roof, they discovered a hidden manual damper set to the closed position, defeating the fresh air HVAC intake mandated by code. I wager that most HVAC personnel would never have discovered this issue as it is so against all logic to have put a manual damper in such a location. .Kudos to Ivo and Dennis for a job well done!”

– Jay K.