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The Gold Standard

HVAC service vancouver wa           Think about any type of product or service and there will always be one company which is the unequivocal “gold standard” in its market.  These companies all have something in common: longevity and an absolute refusal to compromise on quality.  Yes, millions will also flock to inferior products and services – and millions will likely regret doing so.  But in the end, the best always remains.  It is only through unrelenting hard work and reputation that eventually lifts a business above its competitors to become the undisputed name in highest quality.  In the field of HVAC services, we are proud that the undisputed name is Entek.


Every Detail

If you wanted to become the gold standard in a new fine-dining restaurant, there would immediately be a laundry list of components to consider: everything from the freshest meats and vegetables to the quality of your silverware must be addressed.  But more importantly, one would need the finest chef, an unflappable wait staff, and everyone from the best manager to the most efficient busboy.  The success of your restaurant depends on people.  The same is true for an HVAC service company.  The highest quality products are certainly essential, but without the finest employees in the business, you are just another heating and cooling company.


How Can One Quantify the “Best Technicians”?

A word like “best” is usually subjective, only determined by the opinion of each individual, but in the field of HVAC service, there is undisputable evidence to prove employee quality.  Every Entek employee must undergo rigorous training before working as a technician, and the proof lies in our numerous qualifying memberships, certifications, and awards.  When you visit Entek’s home page, you will see toward the bottom a number of logos – one might even pass over them without even noticing.  But at Entek, these logos represent something much greater and we take great pride in them; here are some that are worthy of explanation:


ISNetworld is a global resource for connecting Hiring Clients with safe and reliable contractors.”  Quality contractors become members of organizations like ISN for an important reason: to separate themselves from unsafe and unreliable companies in their field.  Shoddy contractors have no chance of gaining membership and, hopefully, will not gain your business.


“Founded on the merit shop philosophy, ABC and its 70 chapters help members develop people, win work and deliver that work safely, ethically, profitably and for the betterment of the communities in which ABC and its members work.”  Work contracts should be more than about money, but also take into account the proven quality of that work.  It seems like a basic concept, but it is one that is often absent from contract awarding – a company that can play lowball in bidding will also play lowball when doing the job.


The Building Performance Institute is the nation’s premier credentialing, quality assurance and standards setting organization.”  The analysis of our BPI specialists is thorough, using science and technology to evaluate your home’s efficiency.  Blower door and duct-pressure testing, along with infrared camera analysis and air test & balance measurements, assure the client that all of the home’s HVAC needs are met.

comfort inst

Comfort Institute provides training and support to a network of independent comfort contractors across North America.”  Our membership shows our commitment to ensuring the greatest indoor comfort for your home or business through the expertise of our HVAC service technicians.


We work together [with 4,000 businesses] to promote professional contracting, energy efficiency, and healthy, comfortable indoor environments.”  Every membership has strict requirements that our business and technicians must meet.


NATE certification tests represent real working knowledge of HVACR systems and are designed to allow you to be certified in specific knowledge areas.”  Yet another certification process to test the quality of our technicians.


With over 70,000 subscribers, Angie’s List has become a “gold standard” in quality assurance and we are proud to hold this award.

Entek Corporation BBB Business Review

The Better Business Bureau can be nothing short of a nightmare for under-qualified, dishonest, and unsafe contractors.  Entek’s “A+” rating speaks for itself.


Thank you for allowing us to explain why our employees are second-to-none.  Entek was founded in 1946 — nearly 70 years of providing excellent service to our customers.  With our longevity, extensive credentials, and proven quality, it is clear that Entek of Vancouver, Wa is the gold standard in our field, an honor we do not rest on, but strive every day to earn.


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