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What Spring HVAC Services Are Available in Portland?

As it starts warming up this summer, it’s time to double-check your air conditioner to make sure it’s clean, sealed, and ready to start running smoothly. Your Portland HVAC technician is trained to look for a number of issues that might inhibit a smoothly and safely running air conditioning system. Configuring your system is a crucial step in keeping the HVAC system in good shape so it lasts through multiple summers. Additionally, in the name of energy efficiency, a well-maintained and functioning system can do wonders for your wallet.

When you’ve finished cleaning out the winter clutter and tidied up your property, it’s time to think about the air quality inside your home. It’s more than just cooling; it’s about cooling cleanly and efficiently. It may be time for a tune-up as you prepare your home for the summer, and with summer approaching fast, get in touch with the experts at Entek to confirm that everything has been kept up well and is ready for the months of heat to come.

Air Filter Cleanliness

The air filter is one of the most important parts of the HVAC unit, as it traps much of the extra dust and debris, preventing it from getting into the air circulation inside your home. With the change of season should come the exchange of the air filter to make sure that the air inside your home is clean and healthy. Too much dust and debris not only means dirty air, it means uneven or weak airflow, which in turn means a lot more wear and tear on the system and, undoubtedly, higher energy costs. Save yourself the headache and replace the air filter on a seasonal basis.


Potential Winter Damage: Signs to Be on the Lookout For

The main component of your air conditioning system is the “box” sitting outside your home. This part of the unit enables the system to produce cool air. There can sometimes be winter damage to it, depending on where it’s located on the property. Usually, winter has only just left some buildup in the form of debris and dust, which is relatively easy to get rid of.

HVAC experts will do an in-depth inspection looking for rust and any issues stemming from too much moisture, and make sure that there isn’t any wear and tear that might threaten functionality. In preparation for the long summer, they may recommend trimming any overgrowth of plants or shrubs nearby—as a precautionary measure.

Air Conditioning in the Summer: Cleaning and Prepping

With the unit’s outdoor placement, it’s normal for the coils and fins of the air conditioning unit to get a bit dirty. Depending on maintenance and cleaning practices, sometimes it’s more than a little bit. For the sake of efficiency of function, and for the sake of your wallet, a thorough clean of the fins and coils, in addition to cleaning other components, may be necessary. While doing so, a technician will inspect all the connection points to make sure they’re secure. They will also review the refrigerant and confirm that the electronic parts are both in good condition and functioning properly.

When you take advantage of these spring services, your Portland HVAC technician will be able to inform you of anything that needs replacing. Replacing the whole unit is often very costly, so if the problem is minor, then the inspection can serve a deeper purpose. After all, these parts of the unit are imperative to air conditioning your home as efficiently as possible.

Overall Inspection of the System

The remainder of the system should also be in the best state for the air conditioning to work well. These parts include the evaporator coil, air handler, registers, and ducts, which are all accessible via the inside of the home. If all the corresponding parts are in good shape and working well, the technician can take a more focused look at some of the ducts to verify that there aren’t any gaps, holes, or debris blocking the airways. By tending to any issues within the ducts and getting leaks sealed, the overall efficiency of the HVAC system will be improved, leaving you with a cooler place to unwind from the summer’s heat.

Practical Testing

As long as all the other components have been inspected and all issues fixed, the final part of the service will be to test the functionality of the system to verify that all parts are in cohesive, working order. This final test may conclude with other issues, like a faulty thermostat. When something like this happens, it could be as simple as swapping out the batteries. If that doesn’t solve it, the next conclusion could be flipping the breaker.

Once you’ve sorted out any outstanding issues, you have a technician with whom you can discuss any lingering concerns.

Thermostat Options

If you run into issues with your thermostat, and it’s time for an upgrade, consider a programmable thermostat. It’s been set to “heat” for months now, so when you do switch it over to “cool,” a programmable one has the added benefit of being both cost-effective and convenient. It allows you to easily rework the temperature settings for day or night and can ultimately save you money by learning what your schedule is. Once it configures the exact times that you’ll actually need cooling, it can save both energy and money. Programmable thermostats are just one of the many home technologies that you can use to benefit the whole household.

Before throwing on your air conditioner for the upcoming season, you need to verify that all parts are working the way they should. You can rely on Entek. We have more than 70 years of experience and numerous testimonials commending their services.

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