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What to Expect With Portland HVAC Annual Maintenance

Much like how you would service your car, you should also be scheduling annual maintenance for your HVAC. Your HVAC will naturally experience wear and tear over the years. That’s why regular maintenance is so important. If you’ve been neglecting your HVAC maintenance your HVAC may be suffering because of it. The problems that come from not receiving service can add up over time, resulting in costly emergency repairs.

What to Expect With Portland HVAC Annual Maintenance

When you sign up for your Portland HVAC to receive annual maintenance, you should set your expectations high. There are a variety of benefits that come from this kind of service, such as avoiding potentially costly repairs down the road. You can look forward to lower utility bills, healthier indoor air quality, and more when you have annual maintenance performed on your HVAC. You’ll take steps toward maintaining your warranty. Having a good HVAC unit is an investment in the comfort of your home, and with a little TLC, it can provide you with comfort for many years.

Read on for more information on the benefits that come with annual HVAC maintenance in Portland.

Lower Utility Bills

Who doesn’t like to save money? Keeping your bills as low as possible allows you to use your hard-earned money on other, more enjoyable things. Unfortunately, your utility bills might be higher than you’d like them to be. Whether it’s from poor insulation, a low-efficiency HVAC, or an HVAC that isn’t working smoothly, many people are paying a higher utility bill than necessary. Luckily, this can be remedied. One of the most exciting things you can expect with Portland HVAC annual maintenance is a lower utility bill.

When your HVAC is running efficiently and paired with proper insulation, your utility bill will be less expensive. Using your heating, cooling, and electricity more than necessary is often the cause of spiking utility bills, and annual HVAC servicing might be the answer to your problems.

When professionals like Entek perform annual maintenance, make sure all parts of your HVAC system are in proper working order, change your air filters, and check your ductwork if you have it. If air is leaking out of your ductwork, repairing that as soon as possible could be another way to help decrease your utility bills. Because access to your ductwork is often difficult, it’s best to leave this task to professionals.

Fewer Emergency Repairs

There’s never a good time for your HVAC to stop working. Still, it always seems like they break down during the most inconvenient times. The dead of winter or the hottest summer day can be made even more difficult when your heating or cooling system isn’t working correctly. And the cost of emergency HVAC repair can be high. Thankfully, one of the benefits of annual HVAC maintenance is fewer emergency repairs.

Annual maintenance helps you avoid emergency repairs and by preventing emergency problems. A professional eye can catch parts that are wearing out and replace them before they break down completely and disrupt the functioning of the unit. Having this kind of maintenance completed before harsher seasons can save you from risking the comfort of your home and from having to repair larger issues during times when your unit is running more frequently.

Increased Life Expectancy

When you invest in a high-efficiency HVAC unit, you want to get your money’s worth. HVACs have the potential to last for decades, but in order to get them to that point, they should be serviced regularly. A long-lasting HVAC needs proper care to continue working well for years to come.

With annual maintenance, you’ll experience increased life expectancy for your HVAC unit. Your HVAC will work better and longer when parts are replaced when necessary and when problems are addressed in a timely manner. If you’re hoping to get the most out of your investment, then annual maintenance is the way to do it.

Better Air Quality

The air in your home has the potential to affect your health in a positive or negative way. People don’t always associate HVACs with air health, but they actually play a large role in removing harmful debris from the air. In addition to heating and cooling your home, your HVAC also filters the air. The air is pulled into the HVAC and through a filter that traps harmful particles like pollen, bacteria, dust, and pet dander.

When professionals maintain your unit, they also look at the air filters. Depending on the type of unit you have, the filters will need to be either replaced or cleaned regularly. Over time, the filter reaches its maximum capacity for collection, rendering them less effective at cleaning your air. Unmaintained filters and coils can also be a breeding ground for mold. Professionals can spot a filter that needs some assistance and replace it so that you can start breathing in healthier air.

Warranty Maintenance

When you purchase an HVAC, there are components that typically come with a warranty. This will protect you should these parts become faulty within a certain period of time. Having an HVAC warranty can be a relief, especially when you need to replace parts, but maintaining that warranty and keeping track of the expiration dates is important. Professionals that perform HVAC annual maintenance in Portland are able to take that responsibility off your shoulders.

Entek keeps a list of all warranty expiration dates on your behalf and checks the parts prior to that date to ensure they’re working correctly before the expiration of your warranties. The help of a professional can ensure that you don’t mistakenly miss your expiration dates. They’ll check relevant parts while they’re still under warranty so they can be replaced free of charge.

If your HVAC hasn’t been serviced lately, or if you’ve recently purchased an HVAC, you should consider enrolling in an annual maintenance program such as the one at Entek. The benefits will make it worth your while.

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