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5 Questions to Ask About HVAC Cleaning

Your HVAC system is one of the most essential systems in your home or commercial property. Without it, you wouldn’t be warm in winter, cool in the summer, or able to live and work comfortably all year through.

Yet your HVAC system does a lot more than push cool or warm air through your home or office. It controls your air supply too. Every time your furnace or air conditioner turns on, the blower pushes air through the ventilation system and out through the vents in each room. And it’s not just air it’s blowing around; sometimes dirt, pollen, chemicals, and other pollutants blow with it.

Is HVAC cleaning important for your Portland home or business? Only if you want the best air supply possible for where you live and work.

Making sure your ventilation system—your vents and registers—is as clean as possible ensures the air you breathe will be healthy for you, your family, your employees, or your tenants. It also ensures your home or building is as energy efficient as possible.

Regular HVAC cleaning and strategic duct cleaning and sealing ensures your system is free of dust, allergens, and other chemicals that circulate through your home or building every time the HVAC system runs. We know it works because we’ve helped homeowners solve many indoor air pollution problems while saving them up to 40 percent on their utility bills each month too.

Are you ready to hire a company to help you with HVAC cleaning here in Portland?

Before you hire anyone, ask these questions first.

What process do you use to clean the vents and registers and ensure my HVAC system is operating the way it should?

5 Questions to Ask About HVAC Cleaning in Portland

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend indoors? Statistics say that most of us are inside about 90 percent of the day. That means you breathe in the air in your home, go to work and breathe in that air supply all day long, before returning home for the remainder of the evening. Then it’s up and at it the next day, all over again.

Unfortunately, that may not be good for your health. Studies by the EPA show that the air we breathe may be triggering many of our health problems.

What is in your ventilation system, what exists as it flows from your vents and registers is what you take into your body. If the air supply isn’t safe, your health may suffer.

HVAC cleaning may help solve the way your ventilation system operates. But if you don’t know how the HVAC cleaning company is performing the task, you also won’t know what they leave behind.

What assurances do you have that they do a good job? Do they use chemicals? Do they have any guarantees? The only way you know is if you ask.

Is HVAC cleaning really necessary?

This probably isn’t a question you’d expect to ask a duct cleaning company. And yet we feel it’s an important question for you to ask. It’s the only way to get an honest answer about how the company approaches HVAC cleaning services.

There’s a lot of skepticism within the industry; if you’ve Googled it, you know the controversy. Of course, a duct cleaning company is going to try to sell you on its services. But we hope you’ll dig a little farther.

Some duct cleaners believe surface cleaning is a job well done. They dust off the vents and registers. They use a vacuum and clean just as far as they can reach. They do little testing and no visual inspections. They’re in and out so fast you wonder what they truly did. These are the companies that give this industry a bad name.

To truly offer HVAC cleaning services, you have to know why you’re offering them in the first place. That’s where we start.

For example, we’ve helped large commercial building owners solve air quality-related health issues, dramatically reduce their heating and cooling costs, and even keep or achieve their LEED certification.

Once we know your goals, we can help you with the solution. With a thorough investigation, we can discover weaknesses in your HVAC system. And by cleaning and changing what’s wrong, we can improve how your system operates once and for all.

How long has your company been performing HVAC cleaning services?

Some companies start up a duct cleaning company as a simple way to make money. Some companies do it as a possibility for an add-on service. You can usually tell by how committed they are to the process.

You can tell a lot by how long a company has been in business. You can tell how much experience they have and if they’re a high-quality, reputable business.
You should also ensure that they’re a part of the community. HVAC cleaning in Portland is different than in other parts of the US. It rains a lot here (surprise!), and that can impact the internal workings of your home.

Is the company you’re considering hiring familiar with the laws and regulations of the community? Have they complied with all the rules? Do they have certifications? Have they joined organizations such as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association to build up their reputation?

All of this helps you feel better that you’re making a wise decision about hiring an HVAC cleaning company.

What should I expect if I hire you?

Air duct cleaning can be a messy business. It takes a lot to reach deep into your HVAC system, move behind walls and into your attic and basement, and pull out whatever is lurking inside.

Occasionally, we might find problems that need addressing. We even offer our Entek air duct Clean and Seal service because of what we’ve seen in the past. As we clean the ventilation system, we often find leaky ducts. And if they aren’t operating the way they should, they cost you money in the long run.

Our Clean and Seal service finds these problems and seals them on the spot. When we’re done, you’ll know your home is in the best physical condition to keep your home warm or cool as you move on.

Is the quoted price what I pay?

Unfortunately, duct cleaning is often a service where what’s quoted isn’t what you pay. A company comes in with a lowball offer, only to charge you more if you want a complete job.

Watch for offers that stand out as ridiculously low. If you feel they’re too good to be true upfront, just wait until you see the final bill.

If you’re looking for an HVAC cleaner here in Portland that can demonstrate improved air quality, improved comfort, and a reduction in energy costs for our customers, give us a call today.

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