Business Air Quality

Clean indoor air can prevent many environmental health hazards

Air quality and Ventilation

Commercial indoor air quality and ventilation management is more important than ever. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a major concern to businesses, schools, building managers, tenants and workers because it can impact the health, comfort, well-being, and productivity of the building occupants. With ENTEK, we assess your whole building and facility; not just your HVAC system. And as commercial buildings become more energy efficient, it is more important than ever that indoor air quality and ventilation issues be properly assessed by a trained and certified HVAC professional to avoid the potential negative effects on health, comfort and energy efficiency.

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been tied to adverse employee health symptoms and disease.

  • Headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs.
  • Some specific diseases have been linked to specific air contaminants or indoor environments, like asthma with damp indoor environments.
  • Exposure to asbestos and radon do not cause immediate symptoms but can lead to cancer after many years.

Factors Affecting IAQ

  • Poor ventilation (lack of outside air)
  • Poor temperature control
  • High or low humidity
  • Recent remodeling or changing/adding equipment without proper load calculation
  • Specific contaminants like dust from construction or renovation, mold, cleaning supplies, pesticides, or other airborne chemicals (including small amounts of chemicals released as a gas over time)

Proper ventilation and building maintenance can correct and prevent most indoor air quality problems. ENTEK specialists know the industry standards and the latest ASHRAE recommendations for indoor air quality and ventilation. Our building science experts also perform sophisticated whole building and duct leak testing with computerized technology.

Our Air Quality Experts can help your indoor air quality to:

Improve comfort
Reduce dust
Reduce allergens
Improve health
Reduce air borne contaminants
Increase energy efficiency
Reduce utility costs
As a member of The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), ENTEK specialists know the industry standards and the latest recommendations for indoor air quality and ventilation. Our specialists are educated and trained by ASHRAE standards and determine your building’s ventilation needs using current ASHRAE calculations. ASHRAE Standards are revised every three years.


We Provide Solutions:

  • Improve Comfort
  • Reduce Dust
  • Reduce Allergens & Air Borne Contaminants
  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce Utility Costs
  • Reduce Employee IAQ Complaints

Radon is connected to some forms of cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency has recently updated the map showing locations for the highest concentrations of radon in our area.

If you live in a red zone, please contact us for more information about testing and containment.

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