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Earning the “Energy Trust” of Oregon

Here at Entek HVAC, we love to bring you weekly tips and HVAC-related information in our blog, but once in a while we have a special occasion which calls for thanks and celebration.  This week, we are extremely honored to receive the award for Outstanding Contributions in Promoting Energy Efficiency from the Energy Trust of Oregon.

This award is not average or routine – it is the direct result of a major project wherein our unparalleled technicians reached new heights in energy savings and reduced consumption.  Please read below to see what our technicians accomplished and think about what Entek can do for you and your business or home.


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To Us, Standards are Substandard

  If the people of Entek sought only to reach the minimum standards of efficiency and safety as prescribed by law, we wouldn’t be the trusted company we are today.  This means we must always go further than “adequate” until we reach “exceptional,” which is exactly what our employees did in a retrofit (installing new technology into an older system) of a private, Portland university last year.

From the press release: “In partnership with ETO [Energy Trust of Oregon], they designed a 2015 retrofit project for a private university in Portland to create energy savings up to 84% above the ASHRAE 90.1 industry standard for energy-efficient design.  ENTEK’s recent award highlights their expert ability to cut costs, improve building performance, and create significant energy savings in existing commercial buildings.”


How We Do It

How does Entek accomplish such efficiency and savings for our customers?  Besides employing technicians with a combined 150 years of HVAC experience, one of the greatest tools we have is Aeroseal®, a revolutionary system that has been featured on television and was named one of the “top 100 inventions” of the last 23 years by the United States Department of Energy. Aeroseal® installation is a patented sealant system which coats the inside of ductwork with a thin layer of sealer which seeks out any leaks in the ducts and plugs them, resulting in a heating and cooling efficiency improvement of between 20% and 40%.  Due to the fact that your HVAC system accounts for the vast amount of your energy bill, the financial savings can be immediate and substantial.

In addition to being your local Aeroseal® installer, Entek offers “Building Performance Testing, [which] analyzes airflow, air quality, duct leakage, and temperature issues to identify areas for improvement.”  In fact, one of the major issues addressed in the 2015 university retrofit was the unnecessary heating and cooling of areas that did not require it.  As Entek’s Adam Shero points out, “Space usage changes, equipment changes, systems change… even though temperatures may be comfortable, systems could be consuming much more energy than necessary due to over-cooling, over-heating, or over-ventilating.”


Back to Our Employees

At the heart of any respected business are the people who build its reputation.  In a modern world where quality is often sacrificed for quick profits, we remain resolute in putting quality and safety at the top of our priority list, and it all starts with training.  Among other training and certifications, we have technicians with Performance Tested Comfort Systems® certification, Building Performance certification, and North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification.


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We at Entek are thrilled to add the prestigious award from the Energy Trust of Oregon to our collection and thank all of those involved; smart energy solutions will continue to be a top priority for us.  After 70 years in business, Entek offers a special thanks to the employees who continue to ensure our success.  When you call for a visit from Entek, you can be assured that you are in the very best hands.


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