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At What Temperature Can I Turn My Heat Pump Off in Spring?

If you’re used to owning a traditional furnace, you may have the habit of turning it off in the spring. The variability of the outside temperature can cause your thermostat to fluctuate all day, wasting energy and actually driving up utility costs. However, if you’re new to owning a heat pump or you’re thinking of having one installed, it is time to change up your spring routine. As you’ll see, the name “heat pump” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s true that heat pumps provide your home with warmth in the winter, but they also provide you with cool […]

How Does a High-Efficiency Furnace Work?

Most people know vaguely what a furnace does and how it works. The furnace heats your home using some kind of fuel, usually gas. What you may not know is that, over the years, as energy-efficiency technology has improved, furnaces have changed. At Entek, we want homeowners to understand all of their options  which is why we’ve created the explanation below. When the average person thinks of a furnace, they’re usually imagining a “conventional” furnace. These vary in efficiency based on their age and certain features but have operated in much the same way over the last few decades. These […]

Man calculating energy bills with a pen and a calculator

Is It More Efficient to Use Gas or Electricity for Central Air?

For years, experts have debated the most efficient methods for heating and cooling homes. Should central air use gas or electricity? What are the best ways to save money on energy costs without compromising safety and comfort? Plenty of studies have been done regarding the best and most energy-efficient methods for heating (or cooling) a home with central air, but researchers have yet to fully agree on the topic simply because there are so many variables in play. We don’t expect to settle the debate in this article, but we do hope to provide you with a clearer understanding of […]

Man installing and fixing a furnace

Can I Do Furnace Installation Myself?

When the time comes to replace your old furnace with a newer model, you may wonder if it’s possible to save some money by doing the work yourself. While furnaces are usually installed by certified professionals, you’re a pretty handy person, and you think you might be able to handle the task on your own. However, furnace installation is a complex task that can be dangerous if it’s not done correctly. We recommend that this is one task you always leave in the hands of a highly trained, experienced contractor. Read on to understand why. With a Furnace, Safety Is […]

White table and chairs in a dining room or living space

Can an Old House Make You Sick? Watch Out for These Problems

Our home should be our personal refuge, our shelter, a safe space. But sometimes, our homes can betray us. For instance, if you live in an older home, you may be wondering, can an old house make you sick? Whether you’ve lived in your home awhile or simply a short period of time, you should be alerted to any changes in your health. For instance, if you suffer from asthma and you’ve noticed your condition has worsened recently or you suddenly are getting really bad migraines, your body may be trying to sound the alarm that something’s wrong. The team […]

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