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How Often Does My Furnace Need To Be Serviced?

To ensure your home stays comfortable, you count on your HVAC system to consistently provide optimal temperatures. Especially when the weather outside gets extreme. Once it starts to get colder, you’ll need the furnace to effectively provide heat. One of the most important steps to ensure this is to keep up with maintenance for your furnace. Not doing so could lead to serious problems later on, due to excess debris and undetected issues. But how often should you have your furnace serviced to make sure this doesn’t happen? Read on below to find out more. How do I know how […]


How Important Is Air Quality in Your Vancouver WA Home?

One of the bigger issues with the continued spread of COVID-19 is that it can spread via droplets laced with the virus when someone speaks, coughs, or sneezes. People are contagious before symptoms appear, so even just entering enclosed places, like a restaurant, church, or family member’s home, is risky. Even in a well-ventilated space, droplets and microdroplets can stay airborne and infect other people. Consider the fact that people spend the majority of their time indoors—up to 90 percent of their lives. Pollutant levels can be up to 100 times as high as the air quality levels found outside. […]


Is Air Conditioning Healthy?

When the temperature starts to heat up, people become more interested in finding ways to properly cool their homes. Air conditioning is often at the top of that list. With an air conditioner, you can control the temperature in your home and adjust it to suit your and your family’s needs. Still, many people wonder what the positives are when it comes to having an air conditioner in the home. Entek considers air conditioning to be one of the best ways to effectively cool your home, but your AC is able to do much more than that. Aside from just […]


Benefits of Using One HVAC System for Heating and Cooling

The term HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning,” which, of course, are all separate systems doing different tasks in your home. Even though you’ll hear people refer to your “HVAC system,” as if it were one unit, it’s usually multiple pieces of machinery that do the work of heating and cooling your home by way of a complex system of ducts. These days, however, modern technology has allowed HVAC units to become far more streamlined than they have ever been before. Whereas traditional HVAC units consisted of separate heating and cooling systems, today’s technology is more advanced and […]

Why Aeroseal Duct Sealing Is Worth the Cost

Leaky ductwork can cause serious problems with your heating and cooling system. Without a proper seal, your efficiency can drop by 20 to 45 percent. Ensuring your ducts have the tightest seal possible will keep all the carefully climate-controlled air inside the house where it’s needed, helping you get the most out of your heating and cooling. If you suspect you have a leak in your ducts but don’t know what to do, Entek can provide you with state-of-the-art Aeroseal technology. While the cost of Aeroseal duct sealing may give some homeowners pause, trust us when we say it’s one […]