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What Are the Pros and Cons of Forced-Air Heating?

Forced air remains one of the most popular methods for heating a building, even though recent advances have provided many alternatives. Chances are, you’re reading this in a building that has a forced-air heating setup: a furnace of some type, whether electric, natural gas, or propane, and a large fan that pushes the heated air through a system of ducts. This method of heating has been in use for decades, and it remains a remarkably effective one. But is it the best method available? Below, we’ll break down the pros and cons of forced-air heating, helping you to decide if […]


5 Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump in Portland

A heat pump is part of a heating and cooling system, much like an air conditioner or furnace. A heat pump has the ability to both heat and cool your house. However, it operates differently than a traditional system. Using refrigerant, the heat pump redistributes heat from the air or ground. During colder months, the heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air or ground and distributes it indoors. When it’s hot and you need to cool down your house, the heat pump absorbs the heat from inside and releases it outside. But why should you consider installing a heat […]


Can Air Conditioning Make You Sick?

Your air conditioner is an essential part of your home. When you’re in the hot and humid months of the year, you rely on it to keep you cool and comfortable. However, as a homeowner, you always want to be sure the items your household relies on aren’t actually causing harm. Do you need to be concerned about your HVAC system? Read on below to find out more about if air conditioning can make you sick. Air Conditioning Sickness You may already know of the term “air conditioning sickness.” This refers to feeling cold, stuffy, weak, and foggy. These symptoms […]


What Is the Energy Trust of Oregon and How Is It Earned?

It is becoming more and more important to have an energy-efficient home or business. Not only does clean energy have many benefits for our environment, but using more energy-efficient methods can save a considerable amount of money in the long run. The Energy Trust of Oregon has an important role in our state to educate and make it possible for homeowners and businesses to make the switch to clean energy. The Energy Trust of Oregon works hard to teach consumers and help utility customers find the best and most trustworthy companies that provide services to help them save energy. The […]


Be Prepared for Winter Storms

If you’re not prepared for them, winter storms can be, at best, unpleasant. At worst, they can be dangerous, especially if your heating system malfunctions at a critical time. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare for winter storms well before they happen, starting during the spring and summer. You should have a few backup plans in place to ensure that your family remains safe and comfortable, no matter what the weather is like outside. First, Educate Yourself on the Weather in Your Area Many people run into trouble during the winter because they don’t know what to expect. Especially if […]