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What Is HVAC Retrofitting?

Modern-day methods for heating and cooling have existed in their current form for well over 50 years. This means that, whatever building your business happens to operate out of, it likely already has everything it needs to transport warm or cool air into every room. Despite the fact that the basic concept behind HVAC hasn’t changed much in the past half-century, however, the technology itself has continued to progress a great deal. This means that while your building might have the infrastructure in place for effective heating and cooling, the actual technology you’re using might be a bit behind the […]


How to Make Your Room Warmer Without Raising Your Energy Bill

With winter just around the corner and lower temperatures already making their debut, it’s time to start preparing for the cold weather. Winter is a beautiful season, magical at times, but it’s often best enjoyed in the comfort of a warm home. However, heating costs can be overwhelming when it’s not done efficiently. What changes do you need to take to increase your comfort this winter? Below are some suggestions for how to make your room warmer without incurring extra costs from turning up the heat. Is Your Heating System Up to Par? Whatever type of heating unit your house […]


Do You Need To Service a Gas Furnace?

There are plenty of advantages to choosing a gas furnace over other methods of heating your home. The energy-efficiency of a gas furnace is well documented, which translates to impressive cost savings for homeowners as well as improved performance over time. The fact that gas tends to burn hotter than other methods of combustible fuel also means that less of it is needed to achieve the desired temperatures. This means that you’ll be able to keep your home comfortable without running the heater quite as much. Not only does this mean less fuel used, but it also means less wear […]


Help! My Home Windows Are Fogged Up

It may happen to you. You wake up one morning. You open the curtains, ready to glimpse the beautiful day you’ve been waiting for, but blurry windows block your view. We expect our windows to let us see out of them. So what does it mean when we can’t? If you have ever been surprised by fogged-up windows, you’re not alone. The air and ventilation inside of many homes can impact plenty of surfaces, including those windows we rely on for light and vision. In this article, we’re going to discuss the causes of fogged up windows and what you […]


5 Advantages of an Energy-Efficient Heat Pump

Interested in making changes to your home’s heating system? Looking to update to a more energy-efficient solution? Now that there are so many different choices of heating systems, it’s hard to know which to go with. An increasingly popular, highly recommended choice is to switch to a heat pump. Heat pump systems work by moving the heat in the air outside and into your home. It’s a common option in the Pacific Northwest, as it works especially well for moderate temperatures. Wondering if it’s right for your household? Read on to find out five reasons why you should consider switching […]