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Leaky ducts can reduce heating and cooling efficiency from 20 to 45 percent in both residential and commercial systems. Leaky ducts also help account for poor indoor air quality. Fumes from garden and household chemicals, wrap particles and dust can enter into ducts when they are in need of attention. A solution is now available.


Up to 45% of your monthly energy bill is lost through leaks in ductwork. Now there is an inexpensive and unobtrusive way to change that.

ENTEK offers AEROSEAL for both residential and commercial customers because it is the only product that can seal a duct from the inside. ENTEK is trained, certified and licensed to professionally install this new technology in duct cleaning and sealing. It’s guaranteed. Duct re-sealing efforts of the past often included duct tape fixes that could not last the life of an HVAC system. ENTEK shows you the test report upon installing AEROSEAL to verify that your ducts are sealed up to 95%. No other sealing process can provide such results. ENTEK is one of only a few companies approved to offer additional rebates and incentives for duct sealing through the local county and public utility.

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This technology saves the average residence [commercial applications also experience savings and are based on the amount of ducts sealed] $600 to $850 in energy savings in the first year after applying AEROSEAL.

HOW IT WORKS: AEROSEAL’S airborne adhesive particles are introduced by ENTEK’s certified technicians into an HVAC [Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning] duct system. This is a low-cost solution that does not disrupt the occupants during the process. This revolutionary technology can be completed in a number of hours. First, the technician blocks furnaces, fans, and grills, so that the adhesive particles will seal only the cracks, leaks and holes within the duct system. The particles which are made of an aerosolized vinyl polymer consisting of 2 to twenty micrometers are introduced after the duct system is pressurized. The particles remain suspended in the ducts until they reach a leak and then attach to seal the leak. Specialized software allows the customer to view the inside of the ducts as well as allow the technician to monitor the process in real time so you can seal leaky ducts to dramatically increase home’s energy efficiency. View our duct cleaning products here.




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