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Heat Pumps allow you to minimize the use of a furnace, central air unit and maximize efficiency for the maximum comfort. ENTEK’s technicians can offer you many options. Oftentimes, the energy savings can mean up to forty-percent savings in utility bills.

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners for your heating and cooling needs. Using electricity, heat pumps move heat from cool spaces to warm spaces. This means in winter, a heat pump will move heat from the cold outdoors into your home and in summer, pull warm air out of your cooled home and release it outdoors. Because heat pumps move rather than generate heat, they provide comfort control and conditioning at one quarter of the cost of operating a conventional heating or cooling appliance.

The typical electric heat pump can trim the amount of electricity used for heating up to 40%. High-efficiency heat pumps also dehumidify better than conventional central air conditioners, resulting in less costs and better cooling. In addition, customers can choose to have a special type of air-source heat pump called a “reverse cycle chiller” installed which generates hot and cold water instead of air, allowing the system to be used with radiant floor heating systems. For homes without ducts, there are ductless versions available for air-source heat pumps.

A number of innovations have developed that are improving the performance of heat pumps. New two-speed compressors allow heat pumps to operate close to the heating or cooling capacity, saving large amounts of energy and reducing compressor wear. Some models of heat pumps are can be equipped with variable-speed or dual-speed motors on their fans. These controls help to keep air moving at comfortable speed, minimizing drafts and maximizing energy savings. Many high-efficiency heat pumps are equipped with a desuperheater, which recovers waste heat from the heat pump’s cooling process, heating water 2-3 times more efficiently than a conventional electric water heater.

Geothermal heat pumps achieve better efficiency by transferring heat between your home and the ground. Although they are costly to install, geothermal heat pumps have low operating costs because they take advantage of the consistent ground temperatures. The option of installing a geothermal heat pump depends on the size of your lot, the subsoil, and the landscape. Geothermal heat pumps work better in more extreme climates than typical air-source heat pumps, and customers generally experience high satisfaction with the systems.

Single-zone or multi-zone solutions for heating and cooling are available for heat pump installation.

Single-zone solution
In traditional homes, cooling and heating systems are usually quite large, often taking the whole floor. This can cause hot and cold spots due to lack of airflow. Single-zone heating and cooling solutions, however, offer more individual comfort control. Each system involves one indoor handling unit connected by refrigerant lines to an outdoor condensing unit. Customers can choose from a vast variety of energy efficient, whisper-quiet systems with discreet ductless or ducted options. Other options available include wall-mounted or ceiling recessed. With allergy filtration and convenient wired or wireless control allows you to access comfort when and where you need it. A single-zone solution is perfect for older homes with no room for ductwork or newer homes with rooms that seem to experience consistently hot or cold spots.

Multi-zone solution
Heating and cooling zones are specific areas within homes where heating and cooling is generally controlled by a centrally located thermostat. In traditional homes, these areas are often large and usually requires large outdoor systems with extensive amounts of ductwork. Multi-zone solutions, however, connects up to eight indoor air handling units to a single outdoor condensing unit. This provides comfort control to the rooms you use most. Just like with the single-zone solutions, customers can choose from a variety of energy efficient, whisper-quiet systems with discreet ductless or ducted options. Customers also can enjoy the same convenience of allergy filtration and convenient wired or wireless controls. Learn more about AC Units, duct cleaning service and other products we offer here.

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