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Small Tasks Homeowners Can Perform Between Professional Duct Cleanings

duct cleaning Vancouver, WAIf you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your air duct, then there’s a good chance it is time they were cleaned. Air ducts can easily become the dustiest place in your home. And though ducts might be out of sight, the accumulation of allergens, bacteria, and microbes can deteriorate the air quality in your home. Preforming periodic air duct cleaning not only can reduce these pollutants, but potentially can save you some costs on electricity as well as reduce allergy aggravations. To make sure that your ducts are properly cleaned and the job is done right, it is best to hire HVAC professionals that specialize in duct cleaning in Vancouver, WA. However, to reduce the amount of accumulated dust and allergens between professional duct cleaning sessions, here are some tasks homeowners can take to reduce the amount of pollutants going into their air ducts.

Vacuum around the ducts.

One of the things you can do as a homeowner to reduce the amount of dust being accumulated in your dust is to vacuum around the ducts. Using the crevice tool of a vacuum, vacuum over the floor and baseboard vents. If you have ceiling vents, spread a sheet below and wear a baseball cap to shield your hair and eyes while you vacuum. This will prevent dust from falling onto your floor or into your face. If the crevice tool of your vacuum doesn’t reach, use a tool like a duster with an extension pole. You can also remove any dust that has accumulated within the air duct registers by using a brush or towel.

Change filters.

The furnace filter prevents dust from entering into the motor of the fan. However, filters lose their functionality when they accumulate a great amount of dust. Dirty air filters can reduce air flow to the fan and also cause the motor to heat up. However, filters can be hard to clean. Therefore, best practice is to change them when they become too filthy. Replacing filters will ensure that there continues to be good air flow to the fan and also reduces the chance of overheating of the motor.

Keep foliage away from the outdoor unit.

To keep it clear and running without any interference, make sure to keep all foliage and plants away from the outdoor unit. Prune away branches of larger trees and shrubs and replant or remove smaller plants.

Because of how intense the task of duct cleaning can be, it is not recommended that homeowners attempt to perform a complete duct cleaning on their home, and instead, should hire a professional HVAC company to do the job. A professional, certified team has specialized equipment, expensive brushes and scrubbers, which make it possible for them to be able to clean the entire duct system, every nook and cranny. There is nothing comparable on the DIY market, and therefore, the typical homeowner will not be able to reach certain spots in their ducts. Furthermore, when you hire a professional HVAC company like ENTEK, high CFM trucks are used to suck out debris and deposit it into holding tanks that will properly dispose the duct contaminants. This is far superior to DIY methods, which can potential release loosened contaminants back into the air.

Making sure your ducts stay clean is an important tasks and if it’s been awhile, then it might be time to schedule an appointment for a professional cleaning. ENTEK is certified and licensed to handle your duct cleaning services in the Vancouver, WA area, and are more than happy to take your call. Make sure to call us twice a year for a system check in the spring and fall.