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What Are My HVAC Options in My All-electric home?

You may think that having an all-electric home limits your options when it comes to heating and cooling. It’s true that most HVAC systems require some type of oil or gas to run, but not all of them do. An all-electric home still has options to make sure your HVAC unit will heat and cool it efficiently. It’s just a matter of knowing what to get.

An all-electric home can be a cleaner choice for the environment, with its lack of gas and oil use. And if you’re already on that path with an all-electric home, then having the appropriate HVAC system for your home is the next step. Learning more about the options you have for your home will allow you to make the best decision you can.

Entek is proud to offer a variety of electricity-friendly HVAC systems to fit your needs. We also have installers available to get your unit set up and technicians who are NATE-certified to help you maintain and service your units. Your all-electric home can be heated efficiently and for a good price when you have the help of professionals like our team over at Entek.

And if you need an expert to look over your situation after reading this article, the professionals at Entek can help with that too. We offer individualized assessments of your home or business so that we can recommend the exact system that will best fit your space. By analyzing the square footage, air quality, number of rooms, and comfort needs, our technicians can make sure your HVAC system is the perfect fit for you. But if you want a head start, here are some options for your all-electric home.

Ductless HVAC

A ductless HVAC system is a great option for replacing inefficient heating options for your all-electric home, like electric baseboards or wood stoves. Even if they’re only replaced in more commonly used areas like the living room, a ductless HVAC is a great, energy-effective option for your electric home.

Ductless HVACs can contribute to lower energy bills, reduced allergies, cleaner indoor air, and even a quieter home. As they’re usually placed high on the wall, this option can blend in well too, while not taking up any floor space. This means you won’t have to worry about placing furniture around it, like you would with an electric baseboard.

Though a smaller option, it eliminates the need for ductwork and has the potential to save you 20 to 70 percent on your current energy costs. The elimination of ductwork in your all-electric home comes with many benefits. Whisper technology in ductless HVAC units allows the indoor units to be very discreet. This quieter HVAC option can be easily and affordably installed by an HVAC installer and even has the potential to increase your home’s value. For the benefits it comes with, a ductless HVAC is a great choice for all-electric homes.

Heat Pumps


Heat pumps are one of the best options for HVAC in an all-electric home. With the use of electricity, a heat pump is able to move hot air out of the home in the summer and move it into the home in the winter. And because they’re able to move heat instead of generating it, heat pumps are capable of providing comfort in your home at a fraction of the cost of operating a more conventional heating or cooling appliance.

When it comes to heat pumps, HVAC companies can offer you a variety of options to suit your homes heating and cooling needs. From the standard electric heat pump, which can save you up to 40 percent of used electricity, to more high-efficiency heat pumps that are more capable of dehumidifying your home and saving on overall costs.

There are even new advances, such as geothermal heat pumps that transfer heat from your home to the ground and vice versa. Though this type of heat pump is more costly to have installed, it has lower operating costs and great options for people living in more extreme climates. Electric heat pumps can also be equipped with variable or dual-speed motors on their fans. This option allows you to have more control over your HVAC’s efficiency, as well as maximizes energy savings and minimizes drafts.

The electric heat pump can be a great option for your all-electric home if efficiency is important to you.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace is another good HVAC option for all-electric homes. An electric furnace heats your home with electricity, as opposed to gas burners. It uses its blower to push that electric-created air into your home through ductwork. It runs solely on electricity, and though it’s a more costly option than gas, it’s less complicated to have installed because it doesn’t need access to gas lines.

Speaking of not accessing the gas line, electric furnaces are thought to be a safer option for just that reason. Not using gas means there’s no chance of dangers like gas leaks or oil leaks in your home. Since they don’t need oil or gas, they can also run for as long as your electricity is set up. No need to worry about running out of oil and not being able to heat your home. So long as your house has access to electricity, your electric furnace can run.

Though these HVAC units are made specifically to use just electricity, they need proper occasional maintenance, just like any HVAC unit. To ensure that your electric furnace, heat pump, or ductless HVAC system is working to the best of its ability, you should consult with an HVAC specialist. Having your unit regularly serviced can prevent any problems from occurring when you need your unit the most.

If you’re in the Vancouver, WA, or Portland area, Entek can assist you with HVAC services when you need it, or you can enroll in our Planned Maintenance Program, where we’ll keep your system to a service schedule. These programs come with additional benefits and discounts, as well as the peace of mind that comes with not having to keep track of yet another thing.

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