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Why is My Home’s Heat Not Working?


heat pumps longview wa Losing heat in your home during the cold of winter is not a “to-do list” problem – it is a serious issue that must be addressed immediately.  For many, it is important to know what might be causing the heat pump problem before seeking professional assistance, so here are some troubleshooting tips that might help you to narrow the issue your heat pump is facing.


Nothing is working

Believe it or not, when nothing is working, it can sometimes be a simple matter.  Check your thermostat to make sure the unit is supposed to be on.  Scheduling errors can prevent the heat pump from operating even in cold temperatures.  If your thermostat is not operating, this is likely an indication of either an expired battery or problematic electrical connection if your thermostat control is hardwired.  If the latter is the case, it is advisable that you do not attempt to fix the problem yourself.

Another basic problem is that the breaker on the circuit board has been tripped.  Check your breaker; if it is in the off position, make sure it is fully switched to “off,” then switch it on again.  If the breaker trips again, there may be a short in the connection and you will need to call an HVAC professional.


Unit is running but no air is coming out

If no or little air is coming out of your vents, the most basic problem is clogging.  This occurs most frequently at the filter which, if left unchanged for several months, can create a dangerous buildup of debris.  If you are very familiar with your HVAC system and know the size and type of your filter, this can be done yourself, but keep in mind that if your unit’s system has been clogged enough to interrupt airflow, it is quite serious and other checks are a necessity.  The debris that has not been trapped in your filter can be deposited in your ductwork and in the indoor unit itself.  A professional cleaning is in order to prevent future clogging, or worse, an accidental fire.


Cold air blowing rather than warm

This problem may again be attributed to an issue with the thermostat control, or the indoor or outdoor unit.  The problem indicates that your fan is working fine, but the loss of heat shows that either your heat pump is not getting the message to produce heat or it is incapable of producing heat. If you have eliminated programming at the thermostat control as the issue, it is time to make that phone call.


Outdoor unit simple “humming” 

This is likely an indication that there is a problem with the run capacitor or the compressor, but the possibilities are not limited to those.  It is not recommended to open the outdoor unit for inspection – there is a tremendous amount of electricity pouring through the veins of this machinery. The outdoor unit has its own breaker nearby which must be shut off before any inspection should be done.  In addition, some parts of an outdoor unit’s framework are delicate and even a small puncture or damage can add to your list of problems.


Time to call the pros

There are a myriad of other reasons that your heat pump is not working properly, some electrical and some physical (such as duct clogging), but the truth is that other than a simple tripped breaker, a filter, or a battery or programming issue at the thermostat control, there is no time to waste in calling a trusted HVAC specialist.

In the Vancouver, WA and Longview, WA areas, a tried and true HVAC company, Entek, will diagnose and fix your problem – they have a sterling reputation and can always be trusted to give you the straight answers you need.


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