“Have been a customer with Entek about 3 years, having first started with a maintenance contract and repair. I have continued my relationship with the maintenance contracts and always been totally satisfied with the staff sent out to do the servicing & the office staff, as well. This summer I contacted them about the installation of a new heat pump. The process of having a representative come to my house and explain the cost, the removal of the old unit and the installation of a new heat pump was totally complete. All my questions and concerns were answered and the bids for 3 different units were send on time, as promised. The installation was scheduled and the issues that com up regarding the installation were addressed. We moved ahead to installation day, as scheduled.
All the personnel I have worked with have been great from both the Longview office and the Vancouver office. I feel the individuals I have worked with have been knowledgeable, courteous, good with follow through and most important to me, they have been honest.
Kudos to the following staff: Pat in the Longview office, all the maintenance staff from Longview, Zake from both offices, Crystal the scheduler in Vancouver, Ivo, installer from Vancouver Cooper, the installer from Longview and Craig, the electrician working out of both offices. It has been a pleasure working with you all and hope to continue my Entek relationship for many more years.
You will be a highly recommended by me as a company, to all asking for a company providing your services!”

– Jessie F.